Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

r WHO LOSE THE SAINT'S REST. 1O3 ,.----- successful in drawing them from Christ, will then be the instrument of their punishment, for yielding to his temptations. That is the reward he will give them for all their service ; for their rejecting the commands of God and forsaking Christ, and neg- lecting their souls, at his persuasion. If they had served Christ as faithfully as they did Satan, he would have given them a better reward. It is also most just, that they should be their own tormentors, that they may see their whole destruction is of them- selves ; and then who can they complain of but themselves ? S 14. (6) Consider also that their torment will be universal. As all parts have joined in sin, so must they all partake in the torment. The soul, as it was the chief in sinning, shall be the chief in suffering ; and as it is of a more excellent nature than the body, so will its torments far exceed bodily torments ; and as its joys far surpass all sensual pleasures, so the pains of the soul exceed corporeal pains. It is not only a soul, but a sinful soul, that must suffer. Fire will not burn except the fuel be combustible ; but if the wood be dry, how fiercely will it burn ! The guilt of their sins will be to damned souls like tinder to gunpowder, to make the flames- of hell take hold upon them with fury. The body must also bear its part. The body which was so carefully looked to, so tenderly cherished, so curiously dressed ; what must it._now endure! How are its haughty looks now taken ' "&awn ! How little will those flames regard its comeliness and beauty ! Those eyes which were wont to be ;rPlighted with curious sights, must then see nothing but what shall terrify them ! an angry God above them with those saints whom they scorned enjoying the glory which they have lost; and about them will be only devils and damned souls. How will they look back, and say, " Are all our feasts, and games, and revels, come to this ?" Those ears which were accustomed to music and songs, shall hear the shrieks and cries of their damned companions ; chil-