Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

WHO LOSE THE SAINT'S REST. 105 it would ease the damned to foresee it, but for ever is an intolerable thought. They were never weary of sinning, nor will God be weary of punishing. They never heartily repented of sin, nor will God repent of their suffering. They broke the laws of the eter- nal God, and therefore shall suffer eternal punish- ment. They knew it was an everlasting kingdom which they refused, and what wonder if they are everlastingly shut out of it ? Their immortal souls were guilty of the trespass, and therefore must im- mortally suffer the pains. What happy men would they think themselves, if they might have lain still in their graves, or might but there lie dówn again ! How will they call and cry, " O death, whither art thou' now gone ? Now come, and cut off this doleful life. O that these pains would break my heart, and end my being ! O that I might once at last die ! O that I had never had a being !" These groans will the thoughts of eternity wring from their heart. They were wont to think sermons and prayers long ; how long then will they think these endless torments ! What difference is there betwixt the length of their pleasures, and their pains ! the one continued but a moment, the other endureth through all eternity. Sinner, remember how time is almost gone. Thou art standing at the door of eternity ; and death is waiting to open the door, and put thee in. Go, sleep out a few more nights, and stir about a few more days on earth, and then thy nights and days shall end.; thy thoughts, and cares, and pleasures, shall all be devoured by eternity ; thou must enter upon the state which shall never be changed. As the joys of heaven are beyond our conception, so are the pains of hell. Everlasting torment is inconceivable torment. Si 17. But methinks I see the obstinate sinner des- perately resolving, " If I must be damned, there is no remedy : rather than I will live as the scripture requires, 1 will put it to the venture; I shall escape as well as the rest of my neighbours, and we will 4 0