Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

Viii PREFACE. In the life of the Rev. Mr. John Janeway, fellow of King's College, Cambridge, who died in 1657, we are told, that his conversion was in a great .measure, occasioned by his reading several parts of the Saint's Rest. And in a letter which he afterwards wrote to a near relative, speaking with a more immediate re- ference to that part of the book which treats of hea- venly contemplation, he says, " There is a duty, " which, if it were exercised, would dispel all cause of "melancholy ; I mean heavenly meditation, and con " templation of the things which true Christian reli- "gion tends to. If we did but walk closely with God "one hour, in a day in this duty, oh what influence "would it have upon the whole day besides, and, " duly performed, upon the whole life! This duty, with its usefulness, manner, and directions, I knew "in some measure before, but had it more pressed " upon me by Mr. Baxter's Saint's Everlasting Rest, "[a book] that can scarce be over- valued, for which I " have cause for ever to bless God" This excellent young minister's life is worth reading, were it only to see how delightfully he was engaged in heavenly con- templation, according to the directions in the Saint's Rest. It was the example of heavenly contemplation, at the close of this book, which the Rev. Mr. Joseph Allein, of Taunton, so frequently quoted in conversa- tion, with this solemn introduction, "Most divinely "says that man of God, holy Mr. Baxter." Dr. Bates, in his dedication of his funeral sermon for Mr. Baxter to Sir Henry Ashurst, Bart. tells that religious gentleman, and most distinguished friend and executor of Mr. Baxter, " He was most worthy "of your highest esteem and love; for the first im- " pressions of heaven upon your soul were in read- " ing his invaluable book of the Saint's Everlasting " Rest." In the life of the Rev. Mr. Matthew Henry, we have the following character given us of Robert War- burton, Esq. of Grange, the son of the eminently re- ligious Judge Warburton, and father of Mr. Matthew