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SEEKING THE SAINTS REST. 121 we have received mercy. If the blood of the Son of God be mercy, then we are engaged to God by ,mercy. Shall God think nothing too much, nor too good for us; and shall we think all too much that we do for him ? When I compare my slow and un- profitable life, with the frequent and wonderful mer- cies received, it shames me, it silences me, and leaves me inexcusable. Besides our talents and mercies, our relations to God are most endearing. Are we his children, and do we not owe him our most tender affections and dutiful obedience? Are we the spouse of Christ, and should we not obey and love him ? "If he be a Father where is his honour? and if he be a Master, where is his fear ? "(m) "We call him Master, and Lord, and we say well. "(n) But if our industry be not answerable to our relations, we condemn ourselves in saying we are his children, or his servants. How will the hard labour, and daily toil, which servants undergo to please their masters, judge and condemn those who will not labour so hard for their great Master ! Surely there is no master like him ; nor can any servants expect such fruit of their Iabours as his servants. And if we wander out of God's way, or loiter in it, how is every creature ready to be his rod to reduce us, or put us on ! Our sweetest mer- cies will become our sorrows. Rather than want a rod, the Lord will make us a scourge to ourselves: our diseased bodies will make us groan ; our per- plexed minds shall make us restless ; our conscience shall be as a scorpion in our bosom. And is it not easier to endure the labour than the spur? Had we rather be still afflicted, than be up and doing ? And though they that do most meet also with afflic- tions ; yet surely, according to their peace of con- science, and faithfulness to Christ, the bitterness of their cup is abated. § 12. To quicken our diligence in our work, we should also consider what assistances we have, what principles we profess, and our certainty that we can (m) Mal. i. 6. (n) John xiii. 1a 4 Q