Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

SEEKING THE SAINT'S REST. 127 F5 § 15. But to persuade thee, if possible, Reader, to be serious in thine endeavours for heaven, let me add more considerations. As for instance, consider, God is in earnest with you ; and why should you not be so with him ? In his commands, his threat - enings, his promises, he means as he speaks. In his judgments he is serious. Was he,not so when'he drowned the world ? when he consumed Sodom and Gomorrah ? and when he scattered the Jews ? Is it time then to trifle with God ? Jesus Christ was seri- ous in purchasing our redemption. In teaching, he neglected his meat and drink : in prayer he con - tinued all night : in doing good, his friends thought him beside himself : in suffering, he fasted forty days, was tempted, betrayed, spit upon, buffeted, crowned with thorns, sweat drops of blood, was crucified, pierced, died. There was no jesting in all this. And should we not be serious in seeking our own salva- tion ? The Holy Spirit is serious in soliciting us to be happy. His motives are frequent, pressing, and im- portunate. He striveth with us. He is grieved when we resist him. And should we not be serious then in obeying, and yielding to his motions ? God is serious in hearing our prayers, and bestowing his mercies. I= e is afflicted with us. He regardeth every groan and sigh, and puts every tear into his bottle. The next time thou art in trouble, thou wilt beg for a serious regard of thy prayers. And shall we expect real mercies, when we are slight and superficial in the work of God ? The ministers of Christ are seri- ous in exhorting and instructing you. They beg of God, and of you ; and long more for the salvation of your souls, than for any worldly good. If they kill themselves with their labour, or suffer martyrdom for preaching the gospel, they think their lives are well bestowed, ,so that they prevail for the saving of your souls. And shall other men be so painful and careful for your salvation, and you be so careless and negli- gent of your own ? How diligent and serious are all the creatures in serving you ? What haste makes