Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

14S HOW TO DISCERN OUR TITLE .faithful, and tell him thy case, and desire his best ad- vice.. Usé the judgment of such a one, as that of a physician for thy body : though this can afford thee no full certainty, yet it may be a great help to stay and direct thee. But do not make it a pretence to put off thy own self - examination. Only use it as one of the last remedies, when thy own endeavours will not serve. When thou hast discovered thy true state, pass sentence on thyself accordingly ; either that thou art a true Christian, or that thou art not. Pass not this sentence rashly, nor with self-flattery, nor with melancholy terrors ; but deliberately, truly, and according to thy conscience, convinced by scrip- ture and reason. Labour to get thy heart affected with its condition, according to the sentence passed on it. If graceless, think of thy misery. If renewed and sanctified, think what a blessed state the Lord bath brought thee into. Pursue these thoughts till they have left their impression on thy heart. Write this sentence at least on thy memory: " At such a time upon thorough examination, I found my state to be thus or thus." Such a record will be very useful to thee hereafter. Trust not to this one dis- covery, so .as to try no more ; nor let it hinder thee in the daily search of thy ways ; neither be discou- raged, if the trial must be often repeated. Espe- cially take heed, if unregenerate not to conclude of thy future state by the present. Don't say, " because I am ungodly, I shall die so ; because I am a hypo- crite, I shall continue so." Do not despair. Nothing but thy unwillingness can keep thee from Christ, though thou hast hitherto abused him, and dissembled with him. § 13. (5) Now let me add some marks by which you may try your title to the saint's rest. I will only mention' these two, taking God for thy chief good and heartily, accepting Christ for thy only Saviour and Lord, § 11. Every soul that bath a title to this rest, doth place his chief happiness in . God. This rest con-