Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

TO THE SAINT'S REST. 151 righteousness, or any part of it; but consent to trust thy salvation on the redemption made by Christ? Art thou also content to take him for thy only Lord and King, to govern and guide thee by his laws and Spirit ; and to obey him, even when he commandeth the hardest duties, and those which must cross the desires of the flesh? Is it thy sorrow when thou breakest thy resolution herein ? and thy joy when thou keepest closest in obedience to him ? Wouldst thou not change thy Lord. and Master for all the world ? Thus is it with every true Christian. But if thou be a hypocrite, it is far otherwise. Thou mayest call Christ thy Lord and thy Saviour : but thou never foundest thyself so lost without him, as to drive thee to seek him, and trust him, and lay thy salvation on him alone. At least thou didst never heartily consent that he should govern thee as thy Lord, nor resign úp thy soul and life to be ruled by him, nor take his word to be the law of thy thoughts and actions. It is likely thou art content to be saved from hell by Christ when thou diest : but in the mean time he shall command thee no farther than will stand with thy credit, or pleasure, or other worldly ends. And if he would give thee leave, thou hadst far rather live after the world and flesh, than after the word and Spirit. And though thou mayest now and then have a motion or purpose to the con- trary ; yet this that I have mentioned is the ordinary desire and choice of thy heart. Thou art therefore no true believer in Christ ; for though thou confess him in words, yet in works thou dost deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. This is the case of those that shall be shut out of the saint's rest. 16. Observe, it is the consent of your hearts, or wills, which I especially lay down to be enquired after. I do not ask, whether thou be assured of salvation ? nor whether thou canst believe that thy sins are pardoned, and that thou art beloved of God in Christ ? These are no parts of justifying faith, but