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15.6 THE DUTY 6t GOD'S PEOPLE holiness; and the true nature of them. If, after all, you find him entertaining false hopes, then urge him to examine his state ; show him the necessity of doing so; _ help him in it; nor leave him till you have con- vinced him of his misery and remedy. Show him how vain and destructive it is, to join Christ and his duties to compose his justifying righteousness. Yet be sure to draw him to the use of all means ; such as hearing and reading the word, calling upon God, and associating with the godly : persuade him to forsake sin, avoid all tempations to sin, especially evil companions, and to wait patiently on God in the use Of means, as the way in which God will be found. 5. But because the manner of performing this work is of great moment, observe therefore these rules. Enter upon it with, right intentions. Aim at the glory of God in the person's salvation. Do it not to get a name, or esteem to thyself, or to bring men to depend upon thee, or to get thee followers; but in obedience to Christ, in imitation of him, and tender love to men's souls. Do not as those who labour to reform their children or servants from such things as are against their own profit or humour, but never seek to save their souls in the way which God bath appointed. Do it speedily. As you would not have them delay their return, don't you delay to seek their return. chile you are purposing to teach and help him, the man goes deeper in debt ; wrath is heaping up sin taking root ; custom fastens him ; temptations to sin multiply ; conscience grows seared; the heart hardened ; the devil rules ; Christ is shut out; the Spirit is resisted ; God is daily dishonoured; his law violated ; he is without a servant, and that service for him, which he should have ; time runs on ; death and judgment are at the door : and what if the man die, and drop into hell, while you are pur- posing to prevent it? If in the ease of his bodily dis tress you must not say to him, Go, and come again, and to-morrow I will give, when thou hast it by thee ;(h) (h) Prov. iii. 28.