Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

TO EXCITE OTHERS, &C. 165 man is a physician, when a regular physician cannot be had, and when the hurt is so small that any man may relieve it; and in the same cases, every man must be a teacher. Do not despair of success. Can- not God give it ? And must it not be by means. Do not plead, it will only be casting pearls before swine. When you are in danger to be torn in pieces, Christ would have you forbear ; but what is that to you that are in no such danger ? As long as they will hear, you have encouragement to speak, and may not cast them off as contemptible swine. Say not, " It is a friend on whom I much depend, and by telling him his sin and misery, I may lose his love, and be un- done." Is his love more to be valued than his safety ? or thy own benefit by him than the salvation of his soul ? or wilt thou connive at his damnation, because he is thy friend ? Is that thy best requital of his friendship? Hadst thou rather he should burn in hell for ever, than thou shouldst lose his favour, or the maintenance thou hast from him ? § 10. (III.) But that all who fear God may be ex- cited to do their utmost to help others to this blessed rest, let me intreat you to consider the following mo- tives. As for instance, Not only Nature, but espe cially grace, disposes the soul to be communicative of good. Therefore to neglect this work is a sin both against nature and grace. Would you not think him unnatural, that would suffer his children or neighbours to starve in the streets, while he has provision at hand? And is not he more unnatural that will let him eter- nally perish, and not open his mouth to save them ? An unmerciful cruel man is a monster to be abhor- red of all. If God had bid you give them all your estates, or lay down your lives to save them, you would surely have refused, when you will not be- stow a little breath to save them. Is not the soul of a husband, or wife, or child, or neighbour, worth a few words? Cruelty to men's bodies is a most damnable sin; but to their souls much more, as the soul is of greater worth than the body, and eternity than time.