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168 THE DUTY OF GOD'S PEOPLE way with a wilful sinner, and had a fit opportunity to have dealt with him, but did not ; or at least did it to little purpose. The Lord grant I may better obey conscience while I have time, that it may have less to accuse me of at death ! Consider what a seasonable time you now have for this work. There are times in which it is not safe to speak ; it may cost you your liberties or your lives. Besides, your neighbours will shortly die, and so will you. Speak to them therefore while you may. Consider, though this is a work of the greatest charity, yet every one of you may perform it ; the poorest, as well as the rich. Every one bath a tongue to speak to a sinner. Once more, consider the happy consequences of this work where it is faithfully done. You may be instrumental in saving souls, for which Christ came down and died, and in which the angels of God rejoice. Such souls will bless you here and hereafter. God will have much glory by it. The church will be multiplied and edified by it. Your own souls will enjoy more improvement and vigour in a divine life, more peace of conscience, more rejoicing in spirit. Of all the personal mercies that I ever re- ceived, next of the love of God in Christ to my own soul, I must most joyfully bless him for the plentiful success of my endeavours upon others. O what fruits then might I have seen, if I had been more faithful! I know we need to be very jealous of our deceitful hearts in this point, lest our rejoicings should come from our pride. Naturally we would have the praise of every good «pork ascribed to ourselves. Yet to imitate our Father in goodness and mercy, and to rejoice in the degree of them we attain to, is the duty of every child of God. I therefore tell you my own experience, to persuade you, that if you did but know what a joyful thing it is, you would fol- low it night and day through the greatest discourage - ments. § 13. Up then, every man that bath a tongue, and is a servant of Christ, and do something of your