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184 THE SAINT'S REST IS NOT befal you. It were better never to have a day of ease in the world ; for then weariness might make you seek after the true rest. But if you are suffered to sit down and rest here, a restless wretch you will be through all eternity. To have their portion in this life is the lot of the most miserable perishing sinners. Both it become Christians, then, to expect so much here? Our rest is our heaven ; and where we take our rest, there we make our heaven. And wouldst thou have but such a heaven as this ? 15. (5) It is seeking rest where it is not to be found. Your labour will be 'lost, and, if you pro- ceed, your soul's eternal rest too. Our rest is only in the full obtaining of our ultimate end. But that is not to be expected in this life : neither is rest there- fore to be expected here. Is God to be enjoyed in the best church here, as he is in heaven ? How little of God the saints enjoy under the best means, let their own complainings testify. Poor comforters are the best ordinances, without God. Should a traveller take up his rest in the way ? No, because his home is hisjour- hey's end. When you have all that creatures and means can afford, have you that which you believed, prayed, suffered for? I think you dare not say so. We are like little children strayed from home; and God is now fetching us home, and we are ready to turn into any house, stay and play with every thing in our way, and sit down on every green bank, and much ado there is to get us home. We are also in the midst of our labours and dangers ; and is there any resting here? What painful work doth lie upon our hands ! Look to our brethren, to our souls, and to God ; and what a deal of work, in respect to each of these, doth lie be- fore us ? And can we rest in the midst of all our la- bours ? Indeed we may rest on earth, as the ark is said to have rested in the midst of Jordan; a short and small rest. Or as . Abraham desired the angels to turn in, and rest themselves in his tent, where they would have been loth to have taken up their dwelling