Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

HYMN LEADER of faithful souls, and Guide Of all that travel to the sky, Come, and with us, ev'n us, abide, Who would on thee alone rely; On thee alone our spirits stay, While held in life's uneven way. Strangers and pilgrims here below, This earth we know is not our place, But hasten through the vale of woe, And restless to behold thy face; Swift to our heavenly country move, Our.everlasting home above. We have no 'biding city here, But seek a city out of sight ; Thither our steady course we steer, Aspiring to the plains of light; Jerusem, the Saints' abode, Whose founder is the living God. Patient th' appointed race to run, This weary world we cast behind; From strength to strength we travel on, The New Jerusalem to find: Our labour this, our only aim, To find the New Jerusalem. Through thee, who all our sins bast borne, Freely and graciously forgiv'n, With songs to Zion we return, Contending for our native heav'n ; That palace of our glorious King: W.& find it nearer while we sing. Rais'd by the breath of love divine, We urge our way with strength renew'd ; The church of the first born to join, We travel to the mount of God: With joy upon our heads arise, And meet our Captain in the skies.