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32 THE NATURE OF CHAP. II. The great Preparatives to the Saint's Rest. 1. The happiness of Christians in having a way open into Para- dise. There are four things which principally prepare the way to enter into if: § 2, 3, particularly, (1) The glorious appear- ing of Christ ; § 4. (2) the general resurrection ; § 5- - -8. (3) The last judgment; § 9, 10. and (4) The Saint's coronation ; § 11. Transition to the subject of the next chapter. 1. THE passage of paradise is not now so blocked up, as when the law and curse reigned. Wherefore finding, beloved Christians, " a new and living way consecrated for us, through the vail, that is to say the flesh of Christ, by which we may with boldness enter into the holiest, I" shall draw near with fuller assurance.(r) And finding the flamed sword remov- ed, shall look again into the paradise of our God. And because I know that this is no forbidden fruit, and withal that it is good for food, and pleasant to the spiritual eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one truly wise and happy ; I shall through the assistance of the Spirit, take and eat thereof myself, and give to you according to my power, that you may eat. The porch of this temple is exceeding glorious, and the gate of it is called Beautiful. Here are four things, as the four corners of this porch. Here is the most glorious coming and appearance of the Son of God ; that great work of Jesus Christ in raising our bodies from the dust, and uniting them again to the soul ; the public and solemn process at their judgment, where they- shall first themselves be acquitted and justified, and then with Christ judge the world ; together with their solemn coronation, and receiving the kingdom. § 2. (1) The most glorious coming and appear- ance of the Son of God may well be reckoned in his (r) Heb. x. 19, 20, 22.