Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

TO THE , SAINT°S REST. 41 ....mw.eartet®...ra Come ye, ye who were in poverty, in sickness, in temptation, and persecution ; ye who were mortal, bearing the cross after Christ ; ye who acknowledged me before men and devils, and were not ashamed of my cause ; ye who fought with and conquered sin, who resisted the devil, steadfast in the faith, who de- spised the world's pleasures, honours, and riches, and fixed your hearts upon,. me and my ways; ye who have been counted the offscouring of all things, and hated of all men ; ye whose life was counted madness, and end without honour. Come ye to my presence, to my throne, and kingdom ; Come ye to dwell with me, and my Father and his angels ; Come ye and wear a crown, and bear a palm, and behold my glory. Come, ye blessed, blessed indeed ! What a blessing to be brought from the verge of hell ! to be washed from the defilements of sin through faith in Christ's blood ! to be redeemed from the slavery of Satan, and to be made a free child of God ! Blessed in life with the Spirit, the promise, and protection of God ; not only blessed in life, but through life every thing hath worked together for good ; blessed in and through death, blessed with a joyful resurrection, blessed be- fore men, angels, and devils, with the favour and smiles of God. Come, ye blessed of my father, in- herit the kingdom, ah ! wonderful ! a kingdom pre - pared for thee. § 11. Thus we have seen the Christian safely landed in paradise, and conveyed honourably to his rest. Now let us a little further, in the next chapter, view those mansions, consider their privileges, and see whether there be any glory like unto this glory. 2