Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

THE SAINT's EVERLASTIN G REST ó OIL A TREATISE ON THE BLESSED STATE OF- THE SAINTS, IN TIIEIB. ENJOYMENT OF GOD IN HEAVEN. ALSO, A CALL TO THE UNCONVERTED, Written by the Rev. Richard Baxter, TO WHICH ARE ADDED, A SERIOUS ADDRESS TO PENI TENTS, BY THE REY. JOHN FLETCHER. Also, ALLEINE's ALARM. MR. BAXTER'S EPITAPH. Farewell, vain World, as thou hast been to me, Dust and a shadow, those I leave with thee; The unseen vital substance, I commit To him that's Substance, Life, Light, Love to it, The leaves and fruit are dropp'd for soil and seed, Heaven's heirs to generate to heal and feed ; Them also thou wilt flatter and molest, But shalt not keep from Everlasting Rest. Newcastle upon Tyne : PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY MACKENZIE AND DENT, ST. NICHOLAS' CHURCH -YARD.