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46 THE EXCELLENCIES OF light, the Israelites would not have had the less ; but to enjoy that light alone, while their neighbours lived in thick darkness, must make them more sensible of their privilege. Distinguishing mercy affects more than any mercy. If Pharoah had passed as safely as Israel, the Red Sea would have been less remem- bered. If the rest of the world had not been drowned, and the rest of Sodom and Gomorrah not burned, the saving of Noah had been no wonder, nor Lot's deliverance so much talked of. When one is enlight- ened, and another left in darkness ; one reformed, and another by his lust enslaved ; it makes the saints cry out, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thy- self unto us, and not unto the world ?(J) When the prophet is sent to one widow only of all that were in Israel, and to cleanse one Naarnan of all the lepers,(g) the mercy is more observable. That will surely be a day of passionate sense on both sides, when there shall be two in one bed, and two in the field ; the one taken, and the other left.(h,) The saints shall look down upon the burning lake, and in the sense of their own happiness, and in the approbation of God's just pro- ceedings, they shall rejoice and sing, Thou art right- eous, O Lord, who toast, art, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. "(i) § 6. (4) But though this rest be proper to the saints, yet it is common to all the saints; for it is an association of blessed spirits, both saints and angels; a corporation of perfected saints, whereof Christ is the head ; the communion of saints completed. As we have been together in the labour, duty, danger, and distress ; so shall we in the great recompense and deliverance. As we have been scorned and de- spised ; so shall we be owned and honoured together. 'We, who have gone through the day of sadness, shall enjoy together that day of gladness. 'Those, who have been with us in persecution and prison, shall be with us also in that palace of consolation. How oft have our groans made, as it were, one sound! (f) John xiv. 22. (h) Luke xvii. 34, 36. (g) Luke iv. 25, 27. (i) Rev. xvi. 4.