Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

TIIE SAINTS REST. 51 in its light, and be revived by its heat for ever. As the nature of saints are, such are their desires ; and it is their ,desire of our ruined nature which this rest is suited to. Whilst our desires remain corrupted and misguided, it is .a far greater mercy to deny them, yea, to destroy them, Than to satisfy them : but those which are spiritual are; of his own planting, and he will surely water them, and give the increase. He quick- ened our hunger and thirst for righteousness, that he might make us happy in a full satisfaction.. Christian, this is a rest after thy own heart ; it contains all that thy heart can wish : that which thou longest, prayest labourest for, there thou shalt find it all, Thou badst rather have God in Christ, than all the world? There thou shalt have him. What wouldst thou not give for assurance of his love? There thou shalt have assurance without suspicion. Desire what thou canst, and ask what thou wilt, as a Christian, and it shall be given thee, not only to half of the kingdom, but to the en- joyment both of kingdom and King. This is a life of desire and prayer, but that is a life of satisfaction and enjoyment. This rest is very suitable to the saint's ne- cessities also, as well as to their natures and desires. It contains whatsoever they truly wanted; not sup- plying them with gross created comforts, which, like Saul's armour on David, are more burden than benefit. It was Christ and perfect holiness which they most needed, and with these shall they be supplied. § 10. (8) Still more, this rest will be absolutely perfect. We shall then have joy without sorrow, and rest without weariness. There is no mixture of cor- ruption with our graces, nor of suffering with our comfort. There are none of those waves in that har- bour, which now so toss us up and down, Today we are well, to- morrow sick ; to -day in esteem, to-mor- row in disgrace; to -day we have friends, to- morrow none: nay, we have wine and vinegar in the same cup. " If revelations raise us to the third heaven; the, messenger of Satan must quickly buffet us, and thy, thorn in the flesh fetch us down. "(g) But there is none (g) 2 Cor. xii. 2, 7.