Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

WHO SHALL ENJOY THIS REST. 75 They that set most by it, and rejoice most in it, do all cry out at last of its vanity and vexation. Men pro- mise themselves a heaven upon earth ; but when they come to enjoy it, it flies from them. He that has any regard to the work of the Lord, may easily see, that the very end of them is to take down our idols, to make us weary of the world, and seek 'our rest in him. Where does he cross us most, but where we promise ourselves most content? If you have a child you dote upon, it becomes your sorrow. If you have a friend you trust in, and judge unchangeable, he be- comes your scourge. Is this a place or state of rest ? And as the objects we here enjoy are insufficient for our rest, so God, who is sufficient, is here little en- joyed. It is not here that he hath prepared the pre- sence- chamber of his glory. He hath drawn the curtain between us and him. We are far from him as creatures, and farther as frail mortals, and farthest as sinners. We hear now and then a word of com- fort from him, and receive his love - tokens, to keep up our hearts and hopes; but this is not our full en- joyment. And can any soul that hath made God his portion, as every one hath that shall be saved by him, find rest in so vast a distance from him, and so seldom and small enjoyment of him ? Nor are we now ca- pable of rest, as there is a worthiness must go before it. Christ will give the crown to none but the wor- thy. And are we fit for the crown, before we have overcome? or for the prize, before we have run the race? or to receive our penny, before we have work- ed in the vineyard? or to be rulers of ten cities, be- fore we have improved our ten talents ? or to enter into the joy of our Lord, before we have well done as good and faithful servants? God will not alter the course of justice to give you rest before you have la- boured, nor the crown of glory till you have over- come. There is reason enough why our rest should remain till the life to come. Take heed then, Chris- tian Reader, how thou darest to contrive and care for a rest on earth ; or to murmur at God for thy trouble and toil, and wants in the flesh. Doth thy poverty