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THE GREAT MISERY, &C. 79 CHAPTER V. The great Misery of those who lose the Saint's Rest. § 1. The reader, if unregenerate, urged to consider what the loss of heaven will be. § 2. (I). The loss of heaven particularly in- cludes, § 3. (1) The personal perfection of the saints; § 4. (2) God himself ; § 5. (3) All delightful affections towards God; § 6. (9) The blessed society of angels and glorified spirits. § 7. (II). The aggravations of the loss of heaven : § 8.. (I) The understanding of the ungodly will then he cleared; § 9. (2) also enlarged; § 10. (3) Their consciences will make a true and close application ; § 11. (4) Their affections will be more lively; § 12 -18. (5) Their memories will be large and strong. § 19. Conclusion of the chapter. 4 1. IF thou, Reader, art a stranger to Christ, and to the holy nature and life of his people, who are before described, and shalt live and die in this ,condi- tion, let me tell thee, thou shalt never partake of the joys of heaven, nor have the least taste of the saints' eternal rest. I may say, as Ehud to Eglon, I have a message to thee from God ;(u) that as the word of God is true, thou shalt never see the face of God with comfort. This sentence I am commanded to pass upon thee ; take it as thou wilt, and escape it if thou canst. I know thy humble and hearty subjection to Christ would procure thy escape ; he would then acknowledge thee for one of his people, and give thee a portion in the inheritance of his chosen. If this might be the happy success of my message, I should be so far from repining, like Jonah, that the threatenings of God are not executed upon thee, that I should bless the day that ever God made me so happy a messsenger. But if thou end thy days in thy (u) Judges iii. 20.