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Chap. S.] THE SAINTS' REST. HI are able to weep and groan in pity to themselves ! As thou hast bid thy servants speak, so speak now thyself. They will hear thy voice speaking to their hearts, who will not hear mine, speaking to their ears. Lord, thou hast long knocked at these hearts in vain ; now break the doors, and enter in." To show the godly, why they, above all men, should be laborious for heaven, I desire to ask them, What manner ofpersons should those be, whom God hath chosen to be vessels of mercy ? who have felt the smart of their negli- gence in their new birth, in their troubles of conscience, in their doubts and fears, and in other sharp afflictions ? who have often confessed their sins of negligence to God in prayer ? who have bound themselves to God by so many covenants ? What manner of persons should they be, who are near to God as the children of his family ; who have tasted such sweetness in diligent obedience; who are many of them so uncertain what shall everlastingly become of their souls? What manner ofpersons should theybe in ho- liness, whose sanctification is so imperfect; whose lives and duties are so important to the saving or destroying a mul- titude of souls ? and on whom the glory of the great God so much depends ? Since these things are so, I charge thee, Christian, in thy Master's name, to consider, and re- solve the question, " What manner of persons ought we to be in all holy conversation and godliness ?" And let thy life answer the question as well as thy tongue. 11111111111111=1s CHAPTER VIII. HOW TO DISCERN OUR TITLE TO THE SAINTS' REST. Self-examination urged, 1. From the possibility ofarriving at a certain- ty; 2. From the hinderanceswhich will be thrown, in, our way by Sa- tan, sinners, our own hearts, and many other causes; 3. Fromconsi- dering how easy, common, and dangerous it is to be mistaken; that trying will not be so painful as theneglect; that God will soon tryus, and that to try ourselves will beprofitable. 4. Directions how to try. 5. Marksfor trial, particularly, Do we make God our chief good Do we heartily accept ofChristfor our Lord and Savior ? Is there such a glorious rest so near at hand ? and shall none enjoy it but the people of God ? What mean most