Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

Chap. 9.] THE SAINTS' REST. 133 you would be ' a new creature ; old things' would be ' passed away, and all things' would ` become new.' You would have new thoughts, new talk, new company, new endeavors, and a new conversation. Certainly, with- out these you can never be saved ; you may think other- wise, and hope otherwise as long as you will, but your hopes will all deceive you, and perish with you." Thus must you deal faithfully with men, if ever you intend to do them good. It is not in curing men's souls, as in curing their bodies, where they must not know their danger, lest it hinder the cure. They are here agents in their own cure; and if they know not their misery, they will never bewail it, nor know their need of a Savior. Do it also seriously, zealously, and effectually. Labor to make men know that heaven and hell are not matters to be played with, or passed over with a few careless thoughts. " It is most certain that, one of these days, thou shalt be in everlasting joy or torment; and doth it not awaken thee ? Are there so few that find the way of life ? so many that go the way of death ? Is it so hard to escape ? so easy to miscarry ? and yet do you sit still and trifle ? What do you mean ? The world is passing away : its pleasures, honors, and profits, are fading and leaving you : eternity is a little before you : God is just and jealous : his threaten - ings are true : the great day will be terrible : time runs on : your life is uncertain : you are far behindhand : your case is dangerous : if you die to-morrow, how unready are you! With what terror will your souls go out of your bodies ! And do you yet loiter ? Consider, God is all this while waiting your leisure : his patience beareth : his long-suffering forbeareth : his mercyentreateth you : Christ offereth you his blood and merits : the Spirit is persuading : conscience is accusing : Satan waits to have you. This is your time now or never. Had you rather burn in hell, than repent on earth ? have devils your tormentors, than Christ your governor ? Will you renounce your part in God andglory, rather than renounce your sins ? O friends, what do you think of these things? God hath made you men; do not renounce your reason where you should chiefly use it." Alas ! it is not a few dull words between jest and earnest, between sleep and awake, that will rouse a deal-hearted sinner. If a house be on fire, you will not