Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

Chap. 9.] THE SAINTS' REST. 135 to save men's souls, and will afford you comfort upon re- view. Strive to bring all your exhortations to an issue. If we speak the most convincing words, and all our care is over with our speech, we shall seldom prosper in our labors : but God usually blesses their labors, whose very heart is set upon the conversion of their hearers, and who are therefore inquiringafter the success of their work. If you reprove a sin, cease not till the sinner promises you to leave it, and avoid the, occasions of it. If you are exhort- ing to a duty, urge for a promise to set upon it presen'aly. If you would draw men to Christ, leave not till you have made them confess the misery of their present unregene- rate state, and the necessity of Christ, and of a change, and have promised you to fall close to the use of means. O that all Christians would take this course with all their neighbors that are enslaved to sin, and strangers to Christ ! Once more, be sure your example exhort as well as your words. Let them see you constant in all the duties you persuade them to. Let them see in your lives that supe-. riority to the world which your lips recommend. Let them see, by your constant labors for heaven, that you indeed believe what you would have them believe. A holy and heavenly life is a continual pain to the con- sciences of sinners around you, and continually solicits them to change their course. 3. Besides the duty of private admonition, you must endeavor to help men to profit by the public ordinances, In order to that, endeavor to procure for them faithful ministers, where they are wanting. ",How shall they hear without a preacher ?" Improve your interest and diligence to this end, till youprevail. Extend your purses to the utmost. How many souls may be saved by the ministry you have procured ! It is a higher and nobler charity than relieving their bodies. What abundance of good might great men do, if they would support, in aca- demical education, such youth as they have first carefully chosen for their talents and piety, till they should be fit for the ministry ! and when a faithful ministry is obtained, help poor souls to receive the fruit of itdraw them constantly to attend it remind them often what they have heard; and, if it be possible, let them hear it repeated in their families, or elsewherepromote their frequent