Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

Chap. 9.} THE SAINTS REST., 143 2. All those that are particularly acquainted with some ungodly men, and that have peculiar interest in them, God looks for this duty at your hands. Christ himself.did eat and drink with publicans and sinners; but it was only to be their physician, and not their companion. Who knows but God gave you interest in them to this end, that you might be the means of their recovery ?. They that will not regard the words of a. stranger, may regard a brother, or sister, or husband, or wife, or near friend ; besides that the bond of friendship engageth you tomore kindness and com- passion than ordinary. 3. Physicians that are much about dying men, should, in a special manner, make conscience of this duty. It is their peculiar advantage, that they are at hand; that they are with men in sickness and dangers, when the ear is more open, and the heart less stubborn, than in time of health ; and that men look upon their physician as a per- son in whose hands is their life; or, at least, who may do much to save them; and therefore they will the more re- gard his advice. You that are of this honorable profession, do not think this a work beside your calling, as if it be- longed to none but ministers; except you think it beside your callingtobe compassionate, or to beChristians. 0help, therefore, to fit your patients for heaven ! and, whether you see they are for life or death, teach them both how to live and die, and give them some physic for their souls, as you do for their bodies. Blessed be God, that very many of the chiefphysicians of this age have, by their eminent piety, vindicated their profession from the common imputation of atheism and profaneness. 4. Men of wealth and authority, and that have many de- pendants, have excellent advantages for this duty. 0 what a world of good might gentlemen do, if they had but hearts to improve their influence over others ! Have you not all your honor and riches from God ? Doth not Christ say, ".Unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required ?" If you speak to your dependants for God and their souls, you may be regarded, when even a minister shall be despised. As you value the honor of God, your own comfort, and the salvation of souls, improve your in- fluence over your tenants and neighbors; visit their houses; see whether they worship God in their families; and take