Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

Chap. 9.] THE SAINTS' REST. 147 Good laws will not reform us, if reformation begin not at home. This is the cause of all our miseries in church and state, even the want of a holy education of children. I also entreat parents to consider, what excellent advantages they have for promoting the salvation of their children. They are with you while theyare tender and flexible : you have a twig to bend, not an oak. None in the world have such interest in their affections as you have : you have also the greatest authority over them. Their whole dependence is upon you for a maintenance. You best know their temper and inclinations. And you are ever with them, and can never want opportunities : especiallyyou, mothers, remem- ber this, who are more with your children, while young, than their fathers. What pains are you at for their bodies!! What do you suffer to bring them into the world ! And will you not be at as much pains for the saving of their souls ? Your affections are tender, and will it not move you to think of their perishing for ever ? I beseech you, for the sake of the children of your bowels, teach them, admonish them, watch over them, and give them no rest till you have brought them to Christ. I shall conclude with this earnest request to all Christian parents that read these lines, that they would have com- passion on the souls of their poor children, and be faithful of the great trust that God hath put on them. If you can- not do what you would for them, yet do what you can. Both church and state, city and country, groan under the neglect of this weighty duty. Your children know not God nor his laws, but " take his name in vain" and slight his worship, and you neither instruct them nor correct them; and therefore God corrects both them and you. You are so tender of them, that God is the less tender of both them and you. Wonder not if God makes you smart for your children's sins; for you are guilty of all they commit, by your neglect of your duty to reform them. Will you resolve, therefore, to set upon this duty, and neglect it no longer ? Remember Eli. Your children are like Moses in the bul- rushes, ready to perish if they have not help. If you would not be charged before God as murderers of their souls, nor have them cry out against you in everlasting fire, see that you teach them how to escape it, and bring them up in ho- liness and the fear of God. I charge every one of you, upon