Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

174 IMPORTANCE OF A HEAVENLY [Chap. II. high delights of another world. He that loves most, and not he that only knows most, will most easily resist the motions of sin. The will doth as sweetly relish goodness, as the understanding doth truth ; and here lies much of a Christian's strength. When thou hast had afresh, delight- ful taste of heaven, thou wilt not be so easily persuaded from it. You cannot persuade a child t-; part with his sweet- meats while the taste is in his mouth. O that you would be much in feeding on the bidden manna, and frequently tasting the delights of heaven ! Howwould this confirm thy resolutions, and make thee despise the fooleries of the world, and scorn to be cheated with such childish toys. If the devil had set upon Peter in the mount of transfigura- tion, when he saw Moses and Elias talking with Christ, would he so easily have been drawn to deny his Lord ? What ! with all that glory in his eye? No. So if he should set upon a believing soul, when he is taken up in the mount with Christ, what would such a soul say ? " Get thee be- hind me, Satan; wouldst thou persuade me hence, with trifling pleasures, and steal my heart from this my rest? Wouldst thou have me sell these joys for nothing ? Is any honor or delight like this ? or can that be profit, for which I must lose this ?" But Satan stays till we are come down, and the taste of heaven is out of our mouths, and the glory we saw is even forgotten, and then he easily deceives our hearts. Though the Israelites below, eat, and drink, and rise up to play before their idol, Moses in the mount will not do so. 0, if we could keep the taste of our souls continually delighted with the sweetness above, with what disdain should we spit out the baits of sin ! Besides, whilst the heart is set on heaven, a man is under God's protection. If Satan then assault us, God is more engaged for our defence, and will doubtless stand by us, and say, "My grace is sufficient for thee." 'When a man is in the way of God's blessing, he is in the less danger of sin's enticing. Amidst thy temptations, Christian reader, use much this powerful remedy; keep close with God by a heavenly mind; follow your business above with Christ, and you will find this a surer help than any other. " The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from bell beneath." Remember that " Noah was a just man, and perfect inhis generation ;" for he "Walked withGod;"