Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

30 THE PREPARATIVES LChap, 2. so dear, and then leave us sinning, suffering, groaning, dy ing daily, and will he come no more to us ? It cannot be. This is like our unkind dealing withChrist, who, whenwe feel ourselves warm in the world, care not for coming to him ; but this is not like Christ's dealing with us. He that would come to suffer, will surely come to triumph. He that would come to purchase, will surely come to possess. Where else were all our hopes ? What were become of our faith, our prayers, our tears and our waiting ? What were all the patience of the saints worth to them ? Were we not left of all men the most miserable ? Christians, bath Christ made us forsake all the world, and be forsaken of all the world? to hate all, and be hated of all ? and all this for him, that we might have him instead of all ? And will he, think you, after all this, forget us, and forsake us him- self? Far be such a thought from our hearts! But why staid he not with his people while he was here ? Why? Was not the work on earth done ? Must he not take pos- session of glory in our behalf? Must he not intercede with the Father, plead his sufferings, be filled with the Spirit to send forth, receive authority, and subdue his enemies ? Our abode here is short. If he had staid on earth, what would it have been to enjoy him for a few days and then die ? He hath more in heaven to dwell among; even the spirits of many generations. 'He will have us live by faith, and not by sight. O, fellow- Christians, what a day will that be, when we, who have been kept prisoners by sin, by sinners, by the grave, shall be brought out by the Lord himself! It will not be such a coming as his first was, in poverty and con- tempt, to be spit upon, and buffeted, and crucified again. He will not come, O careless world ! to be slighted and neglected by you any more. Yet that coming wanted not its glory. If the heavenly host, for the celebration of his nativity, must praise God; with what shoutingswill angels and saints at that day proclaim glory to God, peace and good-will toward men ! If a star must lead men from re- mote parts of the world, to come to worship a child in a manger; how will the glory of his next appearing con- strain all the world to acknowledge his sovereignty! If, riding on an ass, he enter Jerusalem with hosannas; with what peace and glory will he come toward the New-Jeru-