Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

52 CHARACTER OF THOSE FOR [Chap. 4. or would they not think every day a year till they enjoy it ? May the Lord heal our carnal hearts, lest we enter not into this rest, because of unbelief. CHAPTER, , IV- THE CHARACTER OF THE PERSON FOR WHOM THIS REST KS. DESIGNED. 77 e people of God who shall enjoy this rest, are, 1. CiaSen fron} thr- nity; 2. Given to Christ ; 3. Born again;' 4. Deeply'convinced of the evil of sin, their misery by sin, the 'Vanityof the creature,and the all- sufficiencyof Christ. 5. Their will isproportionably changed':. 6. They engage in covenant with Christ.. 7. They persevere in their engage- ments. The reader invited to examine himself by thesecharacteristics of God'speople. Further testimonyfrom Scripture,that this rest shalt be enjoyed by the people of Godr also that none but they shall' enjoy it; and that it remainsfor them,. and is not to be enjoyed till they come to another world. The chapter concludes with showing, that their souls shall enjoy this rest while separated' rone their bodies. WHILE I was in the mount, describing the excellencies of the saints' rest, I felt it was good being there, and there- fore tarried the longer ; and was there not an extremedis- proportion between my conceptions and the subject, much longer had I been. Can a prospect of that happy land be tedious ? Having read of such a high and unspeakable glory, a stranger would wonderfor what rare creatures thin mighty preparation should bemade, and expect some illus- trious sun should break forth : but, behold ! only a shell- ful of dust, animated with an invisible rational soul, and that rectified with as unseen a restoráng power of grace; and this is the creature that must possess such glory r' You would think it must needs be some deserving piece, or one that brings a valuable price : but, behold! one that hath nothing; and can deserve nothing; yea, that deserves the contrary, and would, if he might, proceed in that deserv- ing : but, being apprehended by love, he is brought to him that is All; and most affectionately receiving him, and rest- ing on him, he doth, in and through him, receive all this! More particularly, the persons for whom this rest is de- signed, are chosen of God from eternity; given to Christ as their Redeemer; born again ; deeply convinced of the evil and misery of a sinful state, the vanity of the creature,