Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

Chap. 4.] WHOM THIS REST IS DESIGNED. 59 order of these workings of the Spirit ; there may be much uncertainty and mistake in that. If you are sure they are wrought in you, the matter is not so great, though you know not when or how you came by them. But carefully examine and inquire, Hast thou been thoroughly convinced of a prevailing depravation through thy whole soul ? anda prevailing wickedness through thy whole life? and how vile sin is? and that by the covenant thou hast transgressed, the least sin deserves eternal death ? Dost thou consent to the law, that it is true and righteous, and perceive thyself sentenced to this death by it.? Hast thou seen the utter in- sufficiency of every creature, either to be itself thy happi- ness, or the means of removing this thymisery ? Hast thou been convinced that thy happiness is only in God, as the end; and in Christ, as the way to him; and that thou must be brought to God through Christ, or perish eternally ? Hast thou seen an absolute necessityof thyenjoying Christ, and the full sufficiency in him, to do for thee whatsoever thy case requires? Hast thou discovered the excellency of this pearl to be worth thy " selling all to buy it ?" Have thy convictions been like those of a man that thirsts ; and not merely a change in opinion, produced by reading or education ? Have both thy sin and misery been the abhor- rence and burden of thy soul ? If thou couldst not weep, yet couldst thou heartily groan under the insupportable weight of both :? Hast thou renounced all thy own righ- teousness ? Hast thou turned thy idols out of thy heart, so that the creature hat].) no more the sovereignty, but is now a servant to God and Christ ? Dost thou accept of Christ as thy only Savior, and expect thyjustification, recovery, and glory, from him alone.? Are his laws the most power- ful commanders of thy life and soul ? Do they ordinarily prevail against the commands of the flesh, and against the greatest interest of thy credit, profit, pleasure, or life ? Has Christ the highest room in thy heart and affections, so that, though thou canst not love him as thou wouldst, yet nothingelse is loved so much ? Hast thou to this end madea hearty covenant with him, and delivered up thyself to him ? Is it thy utmost care and watchful endeavor, that thou mayest be found faithful in this covenant; and though thou fall into sin, yet wouldst not renounce thy bargain, nor change thy Lord, nor give up thyself to any other govern-