Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

i' .12 MISERY OF THOSE WHO [Chap, b, ings will be cleared to know their loss, and have more enlarged apprehensions concerning it; their consciences will make a closer application of it to themselves ; their affections will no longer be stupified, nor their memories be treacherous. 1. The understanding of the ungodly will then be cleared, to know the worth of that which they have lost. Now they lament not their loss of God, because they never knew his excel- lence; nor the loss of that holy employment and society, for they were never sensible what they were worth. Aman that has lost a jewel, and took it but for a common stone, is never troubled at his loss; but when he comes to know what he lost, then he laments it. Though the understand- ings of the damned will not be sanctified, yet they will be cleared from a multitude of errors. They now think that their honors, estates, pleasures, health, and life, are better worth their labor than the things of another world; but when these things have left them in misery, when they experience the things which before they did but read and hear of, they will be of another mind. They would not believe that water would drown, till they were in the sea ; nor the fire burn, till they were cast into it; but when they feel, they will easily believe. All that error of mind which made them set light by God, and abhor his worship, and vilify his people, will then be confuted and removed by experience. Their knowledge shall be increased, that their sorrows maybe increased. Poor souls ! they would be com- paratively happy, if their understandings were wholly taken from them, if theyhad no more knowledge than idiots, or brute beasts ; or if they knew no more in hell than they did upon earth, their loss would less trouble them. How happy would they then think themselves, if they did not know there is such a place as heaven ! Now, when their knowledge would help to prevent their misery, they will not know, or will not read or study that theymay know; therefore, when their knowledge will but feed their con- suming fire, they shall know, whether they will or not. They are now in a dead sleep, and dream that they are the happiest men in the world; but when death awakes them, how will their judgments be changed in a moment! and they that would not see shall then see, and be ashamed. 2. As their understanding will be cleared, so it will be