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THE HARMONY OF THE Divine Attributes. CHAP. I. ~ Chap. 1. ~- The JntroduElion. A }hort View if' Man's primitive State. His Coriformity to God; natural, moral' · and in Happinefs and Dominion over the Creatures. The moral Rifemhlance, as it refers to all the Faculties. The Happinejs if' Man, with re.JPeEl to his fetifitive and [piritual Nature. Ofallfublunary Creatures he is only capable if' a Law. What the Law rf N ature contains. God entered into a CfFvenant with Man.' · The Reafons if' that Dt.fperifation. The Terms if' the C"Venant were becoming God and Man. The fpecial Clatffe in the Covenant concerning the Tree if' Knowledge if' Good and Evil. The Reafons if' the Prohibition. TH E Felicity which the Lord Jefus procured fo1· Believers, includes a perfoc'1 Freedom from Sin, and all affliCtive Evi ls, the juft Confequents of it : and the Fmition .of RighteoufoejS, Peace and 'Joy, wherein the Kingdom of God confifts. In this the Evangelical Covenant excels the Natural ; the Law fuppofcs Man upright, and the Happinefs it promifes to exaCt Obedience, IS called Life; it rewa rds Innocence with Immortality : But the lllelfednefs of the Gofpel is ftil'd Salvation, which f.gnifies the refcui ng of lapfed Man from a State of Mifery, and the invefting of him with unpcrill1ing Glory. In order to the Difcovering of the Excellency of this Benefit, and the endearing Obligations laid on us by_our Redeemer, ' tis necelfa ry to take a view of that dreadful and defperate Calam1ty winch fe1z'd upon Mankind.- 1 he Wretchednefs of our Captivity illufiratcs the Glory ol our Redemption. And fince the Mifery of Man was not the original Condition of hi~ Nature, but the effe8: of his guilty Choice, 'tis re=Juifite to make fome ~~~e~~~0~rc~&.":' ~'tre~:-t;vi~::~:~~a~o~ce ~;;;~~~fs, ~~:~af~~~i~~~~so~~ ~~~ah:1;~~ ~o~m: ons of Sorrow, Shame and Ind1gnation agamrt our [elves ; and confidering that the Heavenly Adam hath purchaf~d for us a Tide ro a bctrcr ~nhcritance than was forfeited by the Earth ly one, we may, wah the more aft(:B:inateGrantudc extol the Favour and Power of our Ra' Nz God