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u8 The Harmony_ of the Divine .Attributes ~ Underllandings. But the Glory that refults from God's Works "is properly intended in Chap. 5· the prefent Argument, and imphes, ~ 2. The manijejlation whereby he is pleafed to reprefent himfelf in the exercife of his .Attribute~. A_s the Divine Nature i~ the p~imary and compleat Obje£1 of his Love, fo he ta)<es dehght 1n thofe AC\ions where10 the 1mage and brighrnefs of his own Vertues appear. Now m all the Works of God there IS an Evtdence of Ius Exce!lenctes. But as fo~~ Stars n1inc with a different Glory, fo there arc fame noble EffeEl:s, wherein the Dtvme Attributes are fo confpicuous, that in compare wit h them, the refl of God's Works are but obfcure exprdTions of his Greatnefs. The p~·incipa l are_Creation and Redempti~ on, The Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the }lrmament hu handy·work, Pfal. xg.x. And when God fun·eyed the Whole Creation, and Jaw that .all ,vJ~tch be m.tde JVas goo~. Gen. 1 . He ordain'd a Sabbath, to figni.fy the content and fansfatbon he had in the dtf· covery of his eternal Perfections therein. But e~pecially h~s Glory is moft n!flendent in· the W?rk of Redemption, wherein more of the D1vine Attrtbutcs are e){ercis-d than in the Crer:ttton, and in a more glorious manner. 'Tis here that H'ifdom, Goodn~fs, Juflice, Holinefs and Power, are united in their highell degree and exa ltation. Upon this account the Apojlle ufeth that expreffion, I Tim. I. I x. The Glorious Gojpel of the f'lefJed God' It the dearell Revelation of his excellcn~ Attributes, the unfpotted Mirrour wherein the great and wonderful Ejfu1s of the Detty are fet forth. ( -rK • j:«)i1-l\;«- ~ e•i· ACl:s 2. 1 1. ) 3· The Prai!c and Thankfgiving that arifeth ti·om the difcovery of his PerfeC\ions by reafonable Creatures, who confider and acknowledge them. When there is a folemn Venertttion of his Excellencies, and the 1110fi: ardent Ajje8iom to him for the communi~ cation of his Goodmfs. Thus in God's accow1t, Whojo offers Praifi, glorifies him, 23. An eminent 1'-xamfle of this is fet down in 'Job j 8·7· when at the birth of the World, 1 he Morning Stars fang together, and all the Sons of God f;ottted for 'Jay. And at its New Birth, they defcend and make his Praifi glonous in a Tnumphant Song. It will be the eternal exercife of the Saints in Heaven, 'P(al. 66. 2. where they more fully underlland the Myflery of out Redemption, and confider every Circumfiance that may add a luftre to it, to afcribe Ble/fing, Honour, Glory and Power 10 him that fits . on the '1 hrone, and tmto the Lttmb for e-ver ttnd ever, Rev. ~·.13· Secondly. The [ubordinate End is the rellormg of Man: And this is inviolably joyn'd With the other. 'TIS expreft by Peace on Euth, And good 111dltowttrds LVI en. Sin hath brol<e that facred Alliance which was between God and Man : and cxpofed him to his juft difpleafure. A Mifery inconceivable. And what is more beconung God, who is ~;d ~b~~e~vtc~;~'~"Pe~~~~/~~~~:fi~,;;:~~r~~/t:i~;::C;r~,G;~ 1l~e L,-:'{~~ti~~~~nt~~ 9~t [irab/e? What is more honourable to him, than by his Almighty Mercy to raife fo many Monuments from the dufr, wherein lus Goodnefs may hve and retgn for ever? Now for the accomplifhiog of thefe excellent Ends , the Divtne Wifdom pitch d upon thofe Means wbich were moll fit and congruous, which l 01all dcJimfJly confider. The Mifery of f"allen Man conlt!led in the Corruption of lus Nature by Sin, and tho Puniiliment that cnfues: And his Happinefs is in rhe rellonng him to his Primitive Holinefs, and in Reconciliation to God, and the full f"ruition of him. The way to effeC\: this was beyond the compafs of any finite Underllanding. That Goct, who is rich in Gocdnefs, fhould be favourable to the Angels who ferve him in pcrfec:t Purity, we n:tay eafily conceive ; for tf1ough they do not merit his favour, yet they never provok'd h!S Anger. And 'tis impo!Eble but that be !hould love the Image of his Holinefs w hereever it thines. Or fuppofe an innocent Crrature in Mifery, the Divine Mercy would fpeedily excite his Power to refcuc it : For God is Lcr-'e to a11 hts Creatures, as fuch, till fame txtrmfecal caufe int~:rvems, whit.h God hates more than he loves the Creature, and that is Sin ; which alone ftops the eftufion of Goodnefs, and opens a wide pa!fage for Wrath 10 fall upon the Guilty. But how to fave the Creature chat is undone by it~ own choice, and is as finful as mifcrable, will pole the Wifdom of the World. Heaven 11 fcl ffeem·d to be divided. M erry incli1)1d to fave, but Juffice interj?OSd tor fatisfaEhon. 1\1ercy regarded Man with rcfpcd to his Mifery, and >he ·Pleas of 11 are, Shall the Allmighty bu!ld 10 ruin ? Shall the mo!t excellent Creature m the lower World pen01, .the fault not being folely his? Sh.all the. Enemy triumph for ever, and ra1fe h!s '1 rophtes from the Works o~ the moll fl!gh? Shall the reajonable Creature lofe the frUition of God, and God the fub;ection and fervice of the Creature, and all Mankind be made in vain? Jujltce confider d Man as guilty of a tranfcendent Crime, and ' tis its Nature to render to every _one what is due; now the wages of Jin is death, and fba/1 uot the 'judge of all the l1'prlcl do nr,ht? J>ll the othc;- AunbHt.f