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0 F THE EXISTENCE 0 F G 0 D. cHAP. I. Atheifm is fearful of publick dijcove7. Four Heads of Arguments to prove the Being of G0 D. r. The vijible frame of the World, and the numerous Natures in it, ezaaty modelledfor the good of the whole, prove it to be the work of a moft wife Agent. The World conjider'd in its feveral parts. The Sun in its jituation, moti~n, and effeCts, declare the Providence of the Creator. The dtUrnal mot1on of the Sun from Ea.ft to Weft u very beneficial to Nature. The annual courfe brings admirableadvantage to it. The gradual pa.fling of the fenjible World, from the ezce(s of heat to the extremity of cold, an effeCt of Providence. Thecon. ftant revolutions of D9 and Night, and ofthe Seafons of the Tear, difcovers that a wife Cauje orders them, I N the managing the prefent SubjeCt, I !hall firll: propound fuch d1ings as clearly difcover that a Soveraign Spirit, rich in Goodnefs, moll: wife in Counfel, and powerful in Operation, gave being to the World, and Man in it. This part of my Work may feem needle(s, becaufe there are very few, ifany, declared Atheifls. As Monflers remain . where they are born, in the defert Sands of Africa, not feen, unlefs [ought for ; fo there are fame unnatural Enormities, that confcious how execrable they are, conceal themfelves in fecret, and dare not appear in open view. And ~~t~n~:;'e'f.o~0 }a~te;;; i~f~,~;~n;l:~~5i:n~o fa:~~~ 0~tfo~~~/~~l;;~ ;~ A;;~:~ diction to Nature, Reafon, Confcience, Authorities, there is nofupreaminvifible Power to whom he is accountable. And having thus concluded in the dark, he lofes all reverence of the Divine Laws; and makes himfelfa God, h is carnal vicious appetite the fupream rule, and the fatisfattion ofit his chiefGood. That many in our times, even of the great Pretenders to Wit and Reafon, are guilty of this exrrcam folly, is fadly evident. They live as abfolute Atheifls, only refufe the Title fur fear ofinfamy, or punifhment. !t will therefore not be unfea[onable• to revive the natural Notion of the Deity. Now to el1abJi[h this Truth no Arguments are more convincing than what are level to all underfland ings. And thofe are, I. The viilble frame of the World, and the numerous natures in it, all model I'd by thiS fupream Rule, the good ofthe whole. II. The u(ual and the extraordinary Works ofProvidence towards Men according to the moral quality of their aCtions. Ill. The Evidences that prove the World had a beginning in time. IV. The univerfal fence of the Deity imprell: on the minds of Men. r: The firll: Reafon is clear and intelligible to all: for 'tis the infeparable property of an mtelletlual Agent to propound an End, to judge of the convenience between the Means 5 ~ Chap. r: ~