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r58 'The Harmorry of the 'Divine Attributes ~~i~nfi~ni-tel~y-m-or-ep-re-ci-ou-s-th-an-th-e-Li-ve~s-of-A-ng-el-sa-nd--Me-n-,y-et~h-e-Ja-id_i_t~do_w_n.-a-nd ~· Cubm1tted to a cu r[ed Death, and to that which was infinitely more bitter, the Wrath of God. And all this for finful Men, who were under the juft and he.vy difplea[ure of the Alm1ghty. He loved Its, and gave bimfelf for 111, Gal. o. oo. If he had only interpaCed as an Advocate to [peak for us, or only had al:led for our recovery, his Love hid been admJTable; but he Cuffered for us. He is not only our Mediator, but Redeemer; ~~:~;'Jiaft~ no;T~;!; ~~~~~:~~:~~d~~:~~0~av~~~· when he faw the defiruCtion of his People, to of- ~:&::~:; ~;if;~:;rt~n~~~~~~~ ;~: J ~~c~~~~t:owa~:;!astl~u~~!~e:e~~~a;r~~;f~~l;· in~~~.~~: fitmi~a,_&_ ~ Sa1)J. 24. 17. David interceded forhisSubjetl:s, Chrift for his Enemies. He receiv'd ~:.rut~;~~~g· the Arrows of the Almighty into his Breafl: to fhelter os. He bore our griefs, and carried our forrow.r; be wa1 1V01mded for OHr tranfgreffionJ, he Will bruifld for o11r iniquities; the chaflifement ·of onr peare wa.r upon ~im, and with his ftripet we nre beR.Ied, Ifa . 53· 4, 5· Arrioog the Romam the Defpoticf.. Power was fo terrible, that if a Slave had attempted upon the Life of his Maller, all the reil had been crucified with the guilty Perfon. But our gracious Mafter died for his Slaves who had confpir'd againft him. He !bed his Blood for thofe who fpilt it. - , hi:2iv~~e r~~~~·;~~~i~~:k~~~r:~c~~~n~;, :~~uc,:,b!ve~~ei~~,d;~i~;tu~~r~~~~' a~:~n~r~~ and no lower price than the Blood of(}od could obtain our Pardon, upon his emring into the World to execute that wonderful CommHlion which cofi him his L\fe, with what ardour of affeclion Jid he undertake it! Lo I iwm to do thy will, 0 God, Heb. 10. 5, 6, 7· When Peter from carnal Affel:lioh looking with a more tender Eye on his Mafter's Life than our Redemption, deprecated his Sufferings, Mafler fpare thy fell; he who was incarnate Goodnefs, and never quench'd the fmoaking Flax, exprelfes· the fame indignation agai nft him, Get thee behind me, Sntnn, as he did formerly ·againfi the Devil tempting to \Vor!hip him. He ei{eemed-him the worft Adverfary that would divert him from his Sutferings: He Jong'd f0o the Bnptifm·ofhis Blood. •·And when Death was in his view,with all the Circumflancesof Terror, and the fupreme Judge ftood before him ready to inflict the juft Puni!hmeqt of Sin; though \he apprehenfion of it was fo dreadful that he could fcarce live under it, . 'yet he> refolved to ·accompli!h his Work. Our Salvation was amiable to him in his Ag<lny. This is fpecially obferved by the Evangelift, ]ohn I 3· I. That ]efiu having luved ·Ms on>n, he .Joved them to the end. When the Soldiers came to feize . upon him, though by one Word he could have commanded Legions of Angels for his refGUe, yet he yielded up himfelf to their Cruelty. 'Twas not any defe/1 of Power, but the ftrength of his Love that made him to fuffer. He was willing to be Crucified, that we mi ght be glorified: Our Redemption was fweeter to him, than Death was bitter, by ~·f~~:f.~r": \Vhiah it was t~ be obtained. 'Twas eXcellently faid by Pher:cides (c), That God trans- ••• "'~'·'• formed himfelt into Love when he made the World: But with greater rea[on 'tis faid by ~;;:;~;;~.";pHJ the Apofile, God it Love, when he redeemed it. 'Tw~s Love that by a miraculous con- ' '"1 de[cenfion took our Nature, accompli!hing the defire of the. Myftical Spoufe, Let him kjfs me n>ith the kjjfes of his Mouth : 'Twas Love that ftoop t to the form of a Servant, and' led a poor difpiCed Life here below; Twas Love that endur'd a Death, neither eafy nor honourable, but moll unworthy of the Glory of the Divine, and the Innocency of the Humane Nature. Love chofe to die on the Crofs. that we might live in Heaven, rather than to enjoy that Bleffedne[s, and leave Mankif\d in mifery. CHAP.