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162 'I he Harmony of the 'Divine Attributes ~ Jvi/1 that thofc whom thou haft given me, be with me where I am, and fee my Glory, John 17. Chap. 10. And he is always heard in his Requerrs. l..("Y"0 'Tis from hence that the Apo{(le challenges all Creatures in Heaven and Earrh, wiih that full and rrrong Perfuafion, that nothing could feparate between Believers and their flappinefs, Rom. 8. 38. For I avt perfwaded, that neither Death nor Life, nor Angels, nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor things prefent, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, uor any other Cretiture ftJtdl be able to feparate us from the Love of God in Chr!ft Jejiu our Lord. Hi s Alfurance is not built on the fpecial Prerogatives he had as an Apo{(!e, not on his rapture to Paradife, nor Revelations, nor the Apparition of Angels, for of thefe he makes no mention; but on that which iscommon .toall Believers, the Love of God declar'd in the word, •nd fhed •bro.d i1t their He.rts. And 'tis obfervable that the Apojlle having fpoken in his own Perfon, changes the number, I am pcrfitaded that nothing ftJali feparale 111, to af.. [ociate with him[elf in the partaking of that blelfed Priviledge, all true Believers, who have an !mere{( in the fame Love of God, the fame PromifesofSalvation. and had feltthe fanttifying Work of tile Spirit, the certain Proof of their Elealon. For how is it pollibJe that God lbould retract his merciful Purpofe to Cave his People? He that chofe them from Eternity before they could know him, and from pure Love (there being nothing in the Creature to induce him) gave hts Son to fuffer Death for them, will he ftop there, wirhOllt be{(owing that grace which may render it effectual? What can change his Affection? He that prevented them in hisMercy, when they were in their Pollutions, will he leave them afterhis Image is engraven upon them? He that loved them fo as to unite them ro Chri{( when they were Strangers, will he hate them when they are his Members? No: His loving Kindnefs is everlafiing, and the Covenant that is built on it, is more firm than the , Pillars of Heaven, and the Foundations of the Earth. This fupported David in his dying hours, 2 Sam. '2 :;. 5· that God had made with him tr.fz everlaftiJJg Covenant, ordered in all things and fiue. for that was aU his Salvation. 2. The t>:ew Covenant is [ecur'd by the efficacy of Divine and Supernatural Grace. Thi< is tbe Covwant that I wi!llluJ.~ with the houfe oJifrael, faith the Lord, I wiUp11t my Laws into tbeir minds, and write them in their hellrts, and I wiUbe to them a God, _and the} jlutfl be to me" People, Heb. 8. to. The Ele/J are enabled to perform the Conditions of the Gofpel, to which Eternal Life is promifed. Our Redeemer b!cjJcs us in fuming us from our Jniquitiu, Acts 3· 26. And although the in{(ability of the Spirit, by rea[on of re1Jimrcnt Corruptions, and thofe various Temptations to which we are liable, may excite our fear le{( we lbould fall lbort of the high prize of o11r CaUing, yet the grace of the Gofpe l [ecures true Believers again{( both. t. Whi!{( we are in the pre[ent {(ate, our Corruptions are not perfectly healed, but there are fome remains, which like a Gangrene threaten to feize on the vital Parts, wherein the fpirit11al Life is feated. But the Divine Nature which is conveyed to all that are fpirit11aUy de[cended from Chri{(, is allive and powerful to refi{( all earn•/ Defires, and will prevail in the end. For if Sin in its full vigour could not controul the Efficacy of converting Grace, how can the Reliques of it) after Grace bath qken polfeflion, be firong enough to fpoil it of its Conquerr? There is a greater di{(ance from Death to Life, than from Ufe to Action. That Omnipotent Grace that vilited us in the Grave, and reCtored Life to the Dead, can much more perpetuate it in the Living. That which was fo powerful as to pluck the HeartofSrone out of the Brea{(, can preferve the Heart of Flelb. 'Tis true, the Grace that is given to Believers, in its own Nature _is a perilliing quality, as that which was beflowed on Ad.m. Not only the flight fuperficial Tincture in Hypocrites will wear off, bot that deep impreflion of fanct:ifying Grace in true Believers, if it be renewed, would Coon be defaced. But God hath promifed to put his Spirit into their Hearts, and to caufe them to wa/4.. i1i his Statlltcs, and theJ fbaU keep his ConuJJatzdtiJCills, Ezek. 36. 26. He is a living reigning Principle in them, to which all their Faculties are fubordinate. The Spirit infufed Grace at firf\:, and inlivens it daily: he confir!ns their Faith, inflames their Lov~, encourages their Obedience, and refrerhes in their Mtnds the Idea's of that Glory wh ich is invil!ble and future. In lbort, his Influence cherifites the blelfed Beginnings of the Spiritual Life. So that fincere Grace, though weak in its degree, yet 'tis in a {(ate of progre[s till it come to perfection. The Waters of the Spirit have a cle:tnfing virtue upon Believers, till every Ipot be taken away, and their purified Souls afcend to Heaven. 2. The Grace of the Spirit !ball make true Chrirrians finally victorious over Temptations to which they may be expofed. And thofe are various : Some are pleafant and infinuating, others are fharp and furious and are managed by the Devil our fubtile and induftrionst:nemy, to undermine, or by open bartery to ovenhrow llS. And how difficult is it fort he Soul, whil{( united to Flelb, to re@ the Charms of whac is amiable, orto endurethe A !faults