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The Exifteno.e of ·G0 D. 9 others in Plains. Thus by the unequal fur face of the Earth, is cauted a convenient rem- ~ peramre of Air and Soil for its productions.. . . Chap. o; Add further The Wifdom of the Creator ·tS<ltrcovered by obfervmg the League of the ~ Elements from 'whence all mixt Bodies arife. Of how different qualities are Earth, Water, Air fire? Yet all combine together without the dellrull:ion of their Enmity, that is as necell'ary to preferve Nature as their friend!hip. Can there be imagined a greater difcord in the parts of the Elementary World, and a greater concord in the whole ? To reduce them to fuch an .eqrdlibrilfm that all theJr operat10ns promote the fame end, proves that there is a Mind of the highefl Wifdom, that has anabfolute Dominion overall things, and tempers them accordingly. If we come to Plants and Flowers. Who divided their kinds, and form'd them in that beautiful order? Who painted and perfum'd them? How doth the fame Water dye them with various Colours, the Scarlet, the Purple, the Carnation ? What caufes the fweet Odours that breathe from them with an infenfible fubtilty, and diffufe in the Air for our de• light? from whence proceed their different venues? Thefe admirable works of Nature exceed the 11 imitation and comprehenfion of Man. 'T!S clear therefore they proceed from a Caufe that excels him in Wifdom and Power. That forne Plants ofexcellent vertue are full of prickles in their flock and leaves, to protell: them_£rom Beafls that would root them up, or trample on them, an * Ath~tfl acknowledg d to be the effell: of Providence. The fame WifdomprefervestheSeed m the Root under the flower, and prepares the numerous Leaves of Trees~ nor only for a!hadow torefrefh living Creatures, but to fecurc their fruits from the mJunes of the weather. Therefore in the Spring they {hoot forth always befure the Fruits are form'd. And tender delicate Fru its are cover'd with broader and thicker leaves than others of a firmer fubflance. In Winter they call thei r leaves, arenakedanddry, the vital fapretiringtotheroor, asifcarel efs ofdying in the members to preferve life in the heart, that in the returning Spring dilfu[es new hear and fpirits, the cau[e of their flourifhing and fruitfulnefs. The feafon of Fruit is another irrdictZtion of Providence. In S11mmtr we have the cool and moifl: to refrefh our heats, in .Aotrrmn the durable to be preferved when the Earth produces none. If we obferve the lower rank of Animals, their kinds, !hapes, properties, 'tis evident that all are the Copies of a defigning Mind, the elfell:s of a skilful Hand. Soine of them are fierce, others familiar ; fome are fervile, others free; fame <rafty, others fimple, and all fram'd convenimtly to their Natures. How incongruous were it for the Soul of a Lion to dwell in the Body of aSheep, or that ofan Hare to animate the body ofa Cow ? It would require a Volume to defcribe their different !hapes, and fitme[s to their particular natures. Thofe which are fruitful in many births, as Swine and Dogs, are furnifhed with many Teats for the fupply of their nourifhmem; which* TrrUy ob!erves to be the certain effell: of provident Nature.. Befides, creatures meerly fenfitive are aCled fo regula rl y to preferve themfelves and thm kmd, that the reafon of a fupenour Agent 11 fhines in all their aClions. They no fooner come into the World but know their Enemies, and either by Strength or Art fecure themfelves. . They are inllrull:e~ to fwim, to fly, to run, to leap. They underfland thm fit nounfument, and remedtes proper for their difeafes. Who infufed into Birds the art to build their Ne!ls, the * love to cherifh their Y oun• ? How are.the Bees inllrutted to frame their Bony-combs without t hands, and in the da~k ~nd of fuch ~ figme that among all. other of equal compafs and lilling up the fame fpace: IS moll capaciOus ? The confideratton of thetr Art and Indullry, tl1e1t political Government and Providence, and other miraculous qualities, fo afronifh'd fou1e great Wits that • f<..~t id dicdm they attributed fomething Divine* to them. ' T:ftl!mafi;' Ejfe Apibu.r partem divhl£ mentis, & hauftw 1Etherio1 dixerew--- Some there are maintain That Bees deriv'd from a ililellial !lrain, And Heavenly race. i11 tduc.mdis rliflorlinulifq; iisq:ut procrtawrint. lljq; 11J. t11mfinemd11rrl. tDflint fe ip{a dr[Mdcrd Tuf. tR'}i.t'non fl11· peat lwcfiui peffofinemani· hllt!ni/UainWhat moves the Swallows upori the approach of Winter to fiy to a mote temperate Clime, ~';;;;';;;:,: :';: as tf tl1ey underllood.the Celelltal Stgns, the Influences of the Stars, and the Changes of !'m ?;/:;· the. Seafons? . From whence comes 'the fore-fight of lhe Arrts to provide in Summer for 'IJi~ /.:fen~iWmt~r? Thetr oxonomy and fervour, their difcredon in affifting one another, as jf nifi q11.od m'll'iknowmg that eve~y one 1abour~d for ~11, ~nd where th~ benefit is commod the labour muft ~~i;t (J. be ~ommon ; thetr care to forrtfie thet( Receptacles wtth-a bank of Earth, that in great V<•&ll. Rams tt may not be overflowed, have made them the fir Embleins Of prudent diligence. C T his