Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 82 ) for want of a Licenfe or fecond Power : Nor yet in exercifing the reft of hisOffice, where he and the People do confent. Tlrefe things feem plain to us, and they that (whether by Learning, or the Love of Riches and Honour and Domination) are made wifer than we, may fuller fuchFools gladly, while themfelves are (inre vetfpe) Rich, Honourable and wife. 3. And what is Ordination but a General Inveftiture in the power of performing the Minifterial Office ? And why may not the General.Power or Licenfe be given at once as at twice ? I think [Take thou Authority to Preach the WordofGod, andAdminifler the Holy Sacrament ',and theDifciplineof the Church, when thou art thereto lawfully called, (that is, haft opportunity and fit Objefts) is a General Licenfe : And a Man may prefently Exercife this Office on Confenters : Unlefs the fence be [ rake thee power when it jhall begiventhee.] 3. But if it be a Particular Licenfe that is heremeant by the grant of fecond power, I confefsthat there is fomewhat confiderable in it, and that in old time the Bifhop and his Clergy living together, and meeting in the fame Church, the Presbyters (like our Parilh Curates now) were in all theWorship of theday, and in their privater Miniftry tothe People to be ruled by the Bithop, and to Modifie and Circumflantiate all as he direfted them : And fo may it be again. But lure a Minifter is not to travel an hundred miles to the Bithop, to know whether he fhall vifit this lick man, or give the Sacrament to the other, and to know what Chapter he (ha It read, and fuch like ? If it be not a General Licenfe that is meant, it mutt needs fuppofe theBifhopsprefence. si. And feeing the Bithops may Licenfe a Presbyter to ufe the Keys, the openingof this will help ourunderftandings about the nature of the Bithops Office. There isno aft ofJurifdiftion which they donot Ordinarily com. mit to others. The fentence of Excommunication and Abfolution is or- dinarily decreedby a Lay-Chancellor. (And Spalatenfis faith, that Epifco- pal Jurifdiftion maybe done by a Lay Delegate.) The fame fentence is Pronounced inCourt by a Lay-Man, or a meer Presbyter. The fame fentence is publi(hed in the Churchby a Presbyter or Deacon. And a Prince may give-aLicenfe to exercife the Miniftry towhich we were Ordained: I. enquire then, r . Whether the grantingof this E.pifcopalPower, be a making thatMan a . Bifhop that it's granted to ? If fo, a Bithop, a Pref= byter,, andaChancellor areall of one Office, when thus impowred. If not fo, then a Lay-man, or one-of another Office, may havepower to do theWorkof theBithops Office. And what is the Office (tell me if you can) befide,Authority andObligation to do the Work ? A Lay -man andFrei bytermay by the Bithop be Authorizedand Obliged to do the Work of a Bithop, and this ordinarily as an Officer (For fo they do,) Ergo, a Chan- cellor and aPresbyter may be made really a Bilhap, and yet in their efteem remain a Lay-man and a Presbyter frill. And is not that a Lay Office which a Lay-man may be Commiffioned to do ? Ifa Lay-manwere but Commiffioned todo the Work ofa Presbyter,(te Teach a Church ordi- narily,