Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

epos!, kt,t4 e , Aa th, fan that 'l that is s depre. arena. da¢tfa. earoee Writers Edo, and e Hillory d before,. ¼' 'ut refaid fe. Chriff's en he fell- ing of his fUlm. rf. the Chur ufdam, as ihofolong trieRev sasfulfilled gago (a- itheaosb theMat ieBluals Peopleìn ,- Wealth, y atiO as after the sub Ages, bdolefully dMutder were happy iat there are o power oa 3hrillidthe d lapingthe brjdians'by a they, b¢' reingrd ( 8 5 ) coated themfelves, which is the fecond death :.Yea, that the Church was freed fromperfecution in the Ages when the poor Wvaldenfes, andAl'aigen feu weremurdered in greater numbers than ever the Heathens murdered the Chriftians heretofore. When I canbelieve abundance of fuch things as thefe, I will believe Dr: Hárarmand's firft Deflertation. His fecondDiffertationwhich is to vindicate the Epill yes of Ignatius, I little regard, asnot concerningme. 1 leave it to Dr. Pierfon (wì;o ihy ,fay is about it) to anfwer Dalheus his numerous Arguments againft h:m (with Dionyfus.) For my part, I with Dr. Pierfon may prevail ; For there is no Witnefs among all the Ancients whom I more truft to(at leaft adho. n,inem) as a plain undoubted defhroyer ofour ;Prelacy, than Ignatius, who is the confidence of the Prelatical Champions. I am poffeft withadmira- tion as much at their glorying in Ignatius, as tie Patron of Dioceíàns, who is fomuchagainft them, as I am at their glorying in Rich. Hooker as a Defender of Monarchy and thePrelates Lo) arty : Of Ignatius 1 fhall fay more anon. His third Differt. about Scripture paffages more con cernethus. Cap. r.. which tells. us of Chrift Epifcopacy, concerneth not our Caufe.. Cap.. 2: Whearer the rtt>,royavnf-c, the Regeneration, be the New Church State, and the Apoftles Epifcopal Thrones be there meant, as filled in feve rat Provinces (which cannot be proved ever to havebeen) i s little to our bufinefs. Noryet whether he will prove that it is not Pi-clay but Se- cular Coat-live power and grandure that is denyed to the Apofiles, and that it was thofe that grudged at the Precedency defired for,Y.ames and Yam, whichChrift intendedto reprehend, becaufe it was not an injuri- pus Secular power, but a labour that was to be in the Prelates of the Church. It fufficeth one that fo much' is here confeffed, And it cannot be denied : For that Precedency and Power which Chrift alloweth in the Ru- lers of the Nations, is it which he denyeth to his Difciples : But it is. not 'Tyranny, proud Domination and Opprefflon, but jult Secular Govern- ment, whichhealloweth in Rulers of the Nations : Ergo, it is this and not the former which he denyethtohisDifciples- And let all the Prelates here.remember, that thc;Qeft:on, Whether H they be Above their Brethren by Dr. 's Confeffion, is, Whether they may take more care and pains forMens Salvation ? When one ofus poor Knitters were not able night and day to Catechife, inftrua and overfee aCongregation of two or three thoufand Souls, without much help or many fad unavoidable Omiflllons, the Qyeftion Ihall be, whether. theBi- fhopmay not undertake toTeach and overfee many hundreds or a thou- fandparifhes, and Catechife, Pray with, and Exhort a thoufand-times morethananyParifhMinifter doth or is able to do; And to do all this without ever coming into thole Parilhes, or ever feeing the Faces, or hearing the names of oneof a mnititude ofthe People ; or ever fpeaking one word to them, but funnnoning themby;Apparitors to a Lay_Cliancel_ lórs