Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Sacraments, no Covenant right to Salvation, but finning again4 the Holy-Ghoft; and all for want ofa Miniftery derived by an unin= terrupted fucceuliion of Epifcopal Ordination from the Apoftles, (and could not by importunity prevaile with him to anfwer Voetius de defperata caufa Papatus, or my D f uteof Ordination, at laft I received aLetter from him, fignifying his purpofe, upon his Friends delire to Publifh his long Letter written to me out ofIreland : So that I law a neceflìty of Publifhingmy Treatifewhich contained more than an An- fwer to him : And the rather becaufe forne R. Reverend Bithops and others had urged me, to give an Account of theReafons of my Non- conformity : So that I had not leave to fupprefs this book, nor be longer filent. Andyet I fear that they that fo called for it, will not eafily bear it. The femme of Mr. Dodwels Letter to me, now in the preis, is to prove the poflìbility of right Difcipline, by our Diocefane Gover- ment as it is, i. Becaufe Magiftrates can exercife theirs byas few : z. Becaufe the Ancients defallo did it by fuch : Therefore it may be done. To anfwer thefe two is to anfwer his Letter, which one would think fhould be foeafy, that noScholar Mould have needofhelp todo it r. Ifanyman canby an harrangue of words be brought to renounce his reafon and experience, fo far as to believe that theOffice of a Pa- ftor may beperformed to as manyPariffies, as theOffice ofa Major or Juftice of Peace may, and that Paftors have no more to do in watching over particular Souls, inftru&ing, exhorting, convincing, . comforting, vifiting, worpihing, Governing, &c, than the works of a Juftice of Peace amount to, and that Dr. Stillingfleet (e. g.) íhall be excufed ifhe do no more for his Parith, than Juftice Rog. L'EJlrange doth, I undertake not to convince thatman of any thing. Read over the work of a Bifhop as I have heredifcribed it from the Scripture and Dr. Hamondand compare it with a Juftices work, and if you can yet, be deceivedby Mr. Dodwel be deceived. Andyet I think there are in divers Parithes about us many Juftices for onePallor : I am confident London.Diocefs hath a great numberfor one Bifhop. Andeither our yufiices arebound (befideswhat now they doe) to la- bour as much to bring fome to Repentance, and fuch other work, as the Paftors are bound todo, or not : If not, it will not follow that as, largeaCircuit may be Governedby onePallor asby one Juftice : Ifyea, thenhe dothbut condemne the Juftices for unfaithfulnefs whichwill not prove, that a Pallor mull be as bad.. And.;