Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

i 90 ). the dews here aIfo, Apollos would nothave been brought in as a third in a way ofequality : And the Controverfié would have been otherwife deci- ded byPAW, by telling the 7ews that Peter was their foie Bithop, and the Gentiles that Paul was theirs, and all of them,that Apollo. was but theirSub jeft. But he goeth quite another way to work, preferring none, nor di- viding Diocefes, but levellingMinifters, asbeing but the helpersof their Faith. And though they had Apoftolical preeminenceaboveApollos, yet Peter and Paulare notfaidtohave a proper Epifcopacy over him. And now to his Arguments. r. Paul planted ; Paul onely wao their Fa- ther. What then ? Ergo, Paul onely was their Bithop. I deny the Confe- quençe, and may long wait for a fyllable of proof. Contrarily, Paul one- ly wa%not their Apoftle : Ergo, Paul onelywas nottheir Bifliop. For eve- ry Apoftleyou fay hathEpifcopal Power included in the Apoftolical and none of them ceafed to ,have Apoftolical Power where-ever they came, (though they were many together, as at 7erufalem) Ergo, None of them ceafed to have Epifcopal Power. The conceit of Converfion and Pater- nity entituling to foie Epifcopacy, I ¡hall confute by it felf anon. 2. But Paul judged the incefluous perfon, and fpeaheth of coming with the rod. Anthwhat followeth? Ergo, None but Paul might do the fame in that Diocefs. 1 deny the Confequence. Anyother Apoftle might do the fame. Where is your Proof ? And if all this were granted, it is nothing againft the Calife that we maintain. And next let usinquire, whether this Church had no Bifhops or Presby- ters but Paul? As here is not aword of proof on their fide, fo I prove the contrary : i. Bccaufe the Apoftles ordained Elders or Bifhops in every Church and City, Ads 14. á;. 'Fit. i. ç. Therefore the Church of Corinth had filch. a. If they had notPresbyters or Bifhops, theycould hold no ordinary ChriftianChurch-Affembfies, for all Gods publick Woríhip; e.g. They could not communicate in the Lords Supper; for Lay -men may not be the Minifters of it, nor the ordinary Guides and Teachers of a Worfhip- ping Church. But they did hold fuch ordinary Affemblies, communica- ting in the Lords Supper. And to fay, that they had onely Paftors that were itinerant in tranfitu as they came one after another that way, is to fpeak without book, and againft it; and tomake them differ from all other Churches, without proof. ;. z Cor. 14. doth plainly end that Controverfie, with a Cor. r.r. when theyhad fo many Prophets, and Teachers, and gifted Perlons in their Af fèmblies, that Paul is put to reftrain and regulate their Publick E ercifes,. directing them to fpeak but one or two, and the tell to judge: and this rather by the way of edifying plainnefs, than byTongues, c1-e. And o. t 1. they had enor.w to be the ordinary Minifters of the Sacraments. And ch. g. they had Inftruations forChurch-Difcipline, both as to the irceftuous man, and for all the fcandalous for the time to come,_ and nie chidden for not tiring