Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

But if they truly unierftood the cafe , they would fee the shame of this deriding obje&-ion. I. A Pope is a Monarch or Governour of the worìd , and a Dioce- fan of a multitude of Parifhes. And fure he ufurpeth not fo much, who will be but the Church- guide of one ? A man is abler to guide one School, Colledge, Hofpital, or Family, thana hundred or thoufand, without any true Matter ofa Fa- mily, School, Colledge, Fi` e. unler him. a. Why isnot this foolith fcorne ufed againft there forefàiid .relations alfo ? Why fay they, not every Mafter maketh him- felta Pope or Bithop to his own houfe, and every School- Maftcr to his School, whereas one Mafter over a thoufand would do better withbare Teaching ufhers, that had no Go- vernment. P. Let it be remembred that we would havenoParifh Paftcr to have any . forceing power , by Fines , Mulcts, Imprifon- ments, &c. But only to prevaile fo farr as his management of Divine authority on mens Confciences can prevail: And we would not have Magiftrates punifh men meetly becaufe they Rand excommunicate, or becaufe they tell not the Clergy that they 'repent. True excommunication is a heavy punithment fitted to itsproper ufe, andnot to be corrupted by the force of the Sword, but tooperate by it felt ; And valeat geanturis valere pott. He that defpifeth it will not fay he is en1lavedby it. But is this all that the Bithops delire ? 4. We wouldhave no man become the Paftorofa Church without the peoples content (if not choice) no more than a Phyfician fhould be forcedon the lick. And as the Servant that confenteth tobe aServant, confenteth to his Matters Au, thority, and hethatconfenteth toa Phylcian,confenteth to be ruled byhim forhis health, and neither takethis fora flavery : So he that confenteth to aPaftor confenteth tohis Paftoral conduct : And ifhe think it to his injury, he may choofe. 5. And yet we believe that the Magiftrate may conflrein Atheifts, Infidels, and fúch as rcfafe all proper Church Com- munion, to hear Gods word Preached, and makeall the Par- ifh allow the Teacherhis tythesand maintenance due byLaw : But hemayforce no man-to Receive thegreat giftof the Body and Blood ofChrift, or a pardon delivered, and fealed -by B Baptifnt-