Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( l09) t. That even-now he confeffed that aChurch and Congregation is all one. z. And'' here he confeflèth, thatwhere there were more Churches, there were more Bifhaps ; and his words [Becáufe it is aChurch, not Churches] feem to import, that de joie he fup.. pofeth it is no Church without aBithop, and that there ihould be no fewer Bifhops thanChurches. And then I ask, r. Where andwhen doail>theChriftians in this Dio. : refs,ofabove an hundredmileslong ,Congregate;wñomeet but in above a thoufand feveral Temples,and never knowone of a thoufand of the Diocefs ? z. Doth no this grant to the Browny/a, that the. Parini Churches are nö Churches, but oneiy partsofthe Piocefane Church? 3. And then if it be proved that the Dioceferi Church-form, isbut of humane invention, what Church in England will they leave .us, that is ofdivineinftitution? This it the unhappinefs ofoverdoing to undo a11;. and ofafpiring too high, to fall dome into nothing. Anddoth he not fpeakmuch to the famepurpofe, p. $7. [One:Ciry with the Terri tories adjoyning to it, being ruledby one fingle Btfhop, was tohecalleda fingular Church : And therefore that which is fold tobe done to every Church, Aft. i 4. z 3: is faid ta be dentin everyCity, Tit. r. 5. Tne fum ofwhich obfervation is only this, that one City with the Territoriesadjoyning to it, never makes above one Church in the Scripture Style.. (4kndyet he largely proveth the contrary,.. that there was one Church and Bi Chop ofyewi(h Christians, and oneofGentiles) whereas a Province, .:or Countrey, or' Nations conffls, ofmanyCities, and fa of:manyEpifcopal SeeaorChurches.]; The_hhke he hathagain p.yo.' 4.53. But whereas p. 88- he would Prove that aProvince, or. Nation, of many' Church, . es, may be calledone Church, becaufe the Churches in all the World are fo called in our Creed, and in the Scripture:I anfwer, That he can never prove; that many' Churéhesareever in Scripture called one,- fave:.only the.vniverfal Church, which' is but one, being Headed byoneHead, even Chrift. TheUniverlal Church (as he laid beforeofa Churchcompared toPerfon$) isOneColletive body, as a Political- Society related to Chriftocconftituted ofChrift andatiChriftians: And a particu- lar Church is one as cenflitutedof the Minifltrial Pallors and People r But find any Text ofScripture that calleth theChurches of'a Nation,. or Province, one Church,- in all the new Teftanaent ifyou,oan. In pug. io3. he giveth Reafons for hislingularity in interpreting fomanyTexts of Scripture; and fheweththat as the Fathers differ from each other, (as Tirimts, theweth) fo we may alto differ from=them, (and l know not of any Expoltor that ever wrote that bath more.need of this Apology than.Grotius and he;) And I mil like not his Reafons. But thenhow unfavoury is it for the fameperfon toexpeét. that we Ihould in, reverence to one expofitory word in 'venous, and another in ,Epi- phanius, forfake the commonlenfeof the Fathers, where they,doagree ? or that we muff:bow to everyancientCanon ? But I would not have him thought more fingular thanhe is,, left when t'irave an- fwered him' the..Prelatifts forfake him, and fay that.-they are ftill unanfwered, therefore I crave the Readers Ipecial obfervation of his words, p. 104, io5; [Imight truly fay thatfor thofe-minute confderat:oni and'conjetlures- wheren this Do:G- tlor differs from fame others who have written before him; as to the manner of interpret= -ing fume fewTexts,he path the Suffrages ofmany o¡ the learnedfi men of this Church at this :days,, Pros .heknows O,F.ALL.. that embrace:the fgsne caufe with him.] IW