Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(1 rrietis, then filch an order ofArchBifhops is ofdivine right ; But not as Metrcpolitanes, or for the Cities fake,; butas general Officers to take care of many Churches, fucceeding the Apoftles, a: And that Apoflolical fuccefon is not the foundation ofthe Metro- politan or City power is plain ; t. Becaufe if the Bifhopor Areh-Bifhop bethe immediate fucceffors of the Apoliles,theremuff be but juft r3 or r+ in the wholeworld, if they fucceed them fully in the accidentalsof their office : But if not, than their refidence in Cities, will not prove that they mull fucceed them in that accident, any more than in the number. 2. Becaufe (as is Chewed) the Apofilestyednot themfelves toCities only, and what they didin preferringCities was occafional ( asis faid before ). 3. Nor is there the leaft proof ( beyond anofientationofvain words and confidence) that ever the Apofiles fetled Churches according to the civil form ; and put theBifbops of leffer Cities urider the Metropolitans : No more than that among themfelves that Apoftle was Ruler of the reíl, who had the Metropolis for his Seat : The Papills themfelves not pre.. tending that Peter was Ruler of the teil, becaufe Rome was his Seat, but that Rome muff have the rulinguniverfal B'ifhop, becaufe it was the Seat of Peter. And if the Metropolis made notone Apofile Ruler ofthe ref+, why Ihould it do fo by their fuccelfors? And I never heard any attempt, to prove, that Mathew, Bartholomew, Lebbeta, lames the Apoftle, Tho= max, Philip ard everyone ofthe Apoftles bad,adiftind independent Me- tropolis for his Epifcopal Seat. 4. Indeed its but vain words of them that pretend that theApofiles fixed themfeives inany Seat at all , but it is certain by their Office andby Hiflory that they oft removed from place toplace, in order to call as much of the world as they were capable, and were fomtimes in Metropole: and fometimes mother places: and though the ancients make them the firff Bithops ofChurches; they do not fay that they wereBifhops of any particular Churches only, exclufi- vely to all others . But. the fame Apoftle that Planted tenor twenty Churcheswas the firfi Bitltop of them allpro tempore, fetling fixed Bifhops to fucceed them. 5. And whoever dreamed that Mark who was no A- poftle, was the Ruler of otherApoftles,. (at leaft that came intohis Pro- vince )becaufe Alexandria was the fecond Metropolis? 4. This pretended forming of the Churches as aiorefaid t is contrary to the Ends ofChareb inflitution.and Communion: which are the publick worshippingof God, and perfonalCommunion ofParochians or Cohabi- tants in that worfhip, Sacraments and holy living, in mutual aßìílance. Whereas in a great part of the world, Country Villages are fo far from anyCities, that it theymoil travel to them for this publickCommunion, they muff fpend all the Lords day in travaile, and yet mils theirErds, and come too late. No: can Women, Children and agedones poflib'y do : t at all. But it they are to haveno fuch perfonal Communionwith the City Churches, but have it ordinarily aniong themfelves, then (whatever menmay fay that drive about the Name )(hey are not of that particular Qx City