Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

C X17) if hewill but change the priviledges and titre ofaTown and ma!; it r.o City, it mufthave no Church or Bilhòp: And if he will'remove the pri- vilegès and title, the Church and Bithopmuff remove : And if he will endow a bigVillage or Town with City privileges and name, a Church and Bithop mull be then made anew. But who can believe that Chrift thus modled his Churches in his inftitution? _ 8. Yea after their model, an infidel or Chriftian King a'iud ageüs, that never thinkethon it or intendeth it, (hall change the Churches, and deflroy them. If by war a City be turned into no City, or if theKing for other reafons stn -city it, or ifchange ofGovernment put it itroano- ther Princes power, that (ball for his convenience un city it, the Church , in City and Country is at an end, though there remain people enow to conftiture a Church. p, Yea a fire or an Earthquake by this Rule may end a Chtìrch; by° wood and ftone,though the Country still have never fo many Chriftians r. and when the City isgone, the Church isgone. ao. Yea it will be.inthe- power of every king, even of Heathens, whether Chrifi fhallhave any Church or Bithop in hiskingdoms, or not. Becaufe he can un-cityor dis priviledge all the Cities in his kingdom at hispleafure, andcónfequently unchurch all theChurches. r t. And bytheir way Chrifl bath fetled as various Church forms as' there be -forms of Governmentin the world : For all Dominions are not divided into Provinces, under Prifidents&c as the Roman Empire was: Inmany Countries, the Metropolis bath no fuperiority over the other City or the Country, and for that will -be of divine inftitution in one Country, which will be a fin in others. - 12. Yea by this Rule many vall Countries mull have no Bithops or: Churches at all, becaufe they have no Cities (as is known among the Americans» and others- mutt have but one- Church and Bifhop in a - whole Country of many hundred Miles. 13.. And by their Rule all theBifhops of England are unbifhoped, and their Diocefan Churches are unchurched. For r. Some of them (in Wilier and Man) have no Cities now called fuch. 2. Others of them have many Cities (not onlyCoventry and Lichfield, Bath andWells now called Cities, but)abundance of Corporations really Cities. 3. And the Cities in England, Scotland and Ireland have no Civil Government o ver all the Countries, Corporations, Villages of the Diocefe at all : nor are they Seats of Prefidents or Lieutenants, that have' fuch Rule, fo that ourDiocefis are not modelled to the formof the Civil Government. What fubjeétion doth Hartfordfhire, Bedfordfhire,- B.:ckinghomfhire, tic owe to the TownofLincolne? t4. By their model it is not Bithops and Metropolitans alone that are of ,divine right :,For if the Church Government mutt be modelled to the' Civil!, the Imperial Churches muff have had Officers to anfwer all the Preaconfuls.and .Prefeéts }.the Lieutenants, the- Vicars,.the Coniulár-' Q-.3 Pre&