Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

others : And though he maynottake the workofourproper callingout of our handsnomore than the Phyficians, yet he may (by juftice and difcretion) punith us for male-admini- ftration, and driveus to our duty, thoughnot hinder us from it ; And weconfent todo;allunder his Government : Judge now whether we fet up Popes or Tyrants. By all this it is apparent that it is none ofthe defigne of this Treatife to overthrow or weaken the Church of Eng- land ; but to ftrengthen and fecure it againft all its notori- ous dangers. r. By reforming thofe things, which elfe undoubtedly will caufe a fucceflion of diflenters in all ge- nerations, though all we the prefent Nonconformifts are quickly like to be paft troublingthem, or being troubled by them, even of themfelves many will turne upon the fame reafons which have convinced us. 2. By uniting all. Pro- teftants, and. turning their odious wrath, and contentions, into a reverence of their Paftors, andinto mutual Love and help. This Treatife being haftened in three preffes fine Mr. Dodivel fent me his Letter that. required it, I have not time to gather the Printers Errata, but muff leave them to, the difcretion of the Reader. Only for [Englifb Prelacy] be- fore the firft Chapter and in many other places fhould. be [The defiribedPrelacy]. I will end with the two following Teftimonies, One ad rem, the other ad hominem. The Lord pity his Ship that is endangered by Pi- lots. 061ober iq, r68o, Richard Baver.: