Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(138) rtitert féhifitamticks, how fhall fach a parith Minitlerjuf}ifie that, and fa- tisfie the perfon or people of the ¡lattice of it , which he himfcif la menteth as a haïnous fin, which tendeth to the ditlipation of his flock. But I come nearer to enquire into this offt:iatiag per alium by which an abfentBifbop is fuppofed to do his office in the feveral Parishes of his Diocefe. r. That alirss or Official is eithera Laymen, or a Clergyntm. 2. 11 a Clergyman, he is either one of the fame Order with the Bi(hop or another; 3. Either it is the meer accidentals of his facred fundion, which he committeth to another, or the proper AEL; of it. 4. Either iris pro bac vice in force cafe of neceflï¡y, or it is as by an ordinary flared Offi. dial.. r. tI it be a Layman and thework be but Accidental or Extrinfick . to the facred fündion, I grant that he maydo it : But for fach works we need no Bifhop : For what a Layman may do when he bids him, he may do when the King er his Magilirates bids him. This is not the thing in queftion. But if it be a proper Pafforal 43, this Layman that Both ir, either receìveth from theBifbop power and obligation to do it,or not. If not, he cannot do it as his Official : If he da, then he is a Pa- ffor or Bifhop hitnfclf, and is Ordained, and fo no Layman For I' provoke any diffenter living to tell me wherein the facred office (or any other) Beth, but in a Power(or Authority) and an Obligation to do theproper works of that office, fo that undeniably here isa contradidrion. And if any were of opinion that pro tempore-in a cafe of n,ceffity a Layman might do any Miniflerial facred ad, as Preach, Baptize, Con- ferrate theSacrament of Çhrìfls body and blood, cxcommunicate, ab. flve,c. i. I anfwer, if that were true, it would but prove that thofe Aecs are not proper to the facred funÇBon in fuch acafe of neceility as tingle Ads, but only as ordinarily and Elatedly dine by one feparated to them, z. And therefore this would not at all concern our cafe, which is not about extroardinary Ads in cafes of neceflity, but about an ordinary hated courfe, by Courts, Chancellors, and OBi- cials. a, But if the Agent or Official were not a Lay Chancellor but a Clergyman, if he be of the fame Order with the Bifhop,than I grant all, . for it grantethme all; even that. everyChurch thould have an (ordi- narily) prefent Bifhop. But if he be fuppofed to be but of an inferi- or Order, then Iproceed as before ; either theBifhop giveth, him power and obligation to do the proper workof the Bifhop or not :, If not, he is rot hereby enabled to do it. If yea,then he path thereby made him aBifhop :. For to be a Bifhop is nothing elfe than to have Authority and adigation to do the proper workof a Bishop. But it it be but an Acci- dental or a common work, which another may do, it is out that in. que. Mon, or dowe need theOffice of aBishop for it. More-