Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Ci40 world ? whore work is to hinder the Miniflers ofChrift from their of&.= work,und er pretence ofa pówer of Licenfing them to it ?when God licen- ceth them to the work, when he calleth them to that office, which effenti? allycoafili eth inapower and Ubligttian to do it,when theyhave opportunity Moreover my Lord. Bacan in his con(iderations hath well manifclled (ifimpartiall wife men could'have bin heard )'that the off-lee ofa B'ilhop is a fun ion conulling in the exercise of perfonal1 !Jill, or abilities: and' therefore mull 1:)- done by him that bath them, and not committed to an- other, as the office ofa Judg, or Lawyer, of a Plti(ìtian, ofa Tutor &c. no man choofeth a Tutor or Philìtian meerly to fend añoth_r to him for his Tutor or Phifitian, but to do the work himfelf. It is not like the place ofa King, whofe right dependeth not on his parts orskiil," becaufe he may Govern by others that areable. And Grotius (who one would think by their refped to him, fhould" have been regarded by them) truly faithde Imperio fun. pate/". Pag. zgo: [Nam Mud ¿ od'quis per aliumfacit, perfe farete videturf; ad eat tantun' pertinet aeliones quorum carsfa efficient a jute indefinite;eff l that is [For` ibis Baying. Tbat whofe a mandoth by anotherhe feemeth to do by himfelf, be- lóngethonly' to thefe al`rions,whichneereji efficient tonfe is not d f ned ly the Lace f But lure when God made the.Pailoraloffice, he meant that the perlons called to it, (hould do the work and not only appoint other men to do ir. And I would knowwhether the work ofaPresbyter (as to confecrae and celebrare the Sacrament &&c-)may be doneper al unz, by one that is no Presbyter. If not (as all fay not then I ask, wnether theBilhobs work or the Presbyters be the more fácred? rfthë Presbyters; then his Office is more facred : If the Bithops (or both alike) then that Bithops Work, may no more be doneper etlium then the Presbyters. Moreover I know no Bithops but would "willingly be more Refpéded and Honoured than the Presb} ters, and ifthey defìre; it lhotlld be only 'byway offear;they neither thinkor with like MinlfersofChril'r, nor like fbber men. But it by way of love,who knoweth not what adoeíñtage thepre- feat Pallor bath above the abfent, ceterisparibus, to get the-peoples love? and Paul "would have it to be fo, a 7hif. 5. io, 13. It is thofe that Labour among them and admonijh them, whom they muff efteem highly in Love, not for their titles anddignities, but for their work fake. And who knoweth not that he tilatoLoveth aman for Preaching the wordof falva- tion to him,is likelier Co còníe to him, whore do rine daily edifeth h'm, and comforteth him, than to himwhom one ofahundred of his Diocefe never heard a Sermon or a good word from, in all their lives I. Ifit of for the work fake that they muff or will be Loved, is not he liker tote mart Loved who is full with them, and, pray '. th and praitèth'God with ,< them,and comforteth, and confìrmeth thetia and refulveth theirdoubts, and.quieteth their troubled Consciences, and vifiteth them iniicknefs, and taleth care of the poor, and vifìteth thtn from houle to house, than ire that once or never cameamong them, and is'unknnown ? And ifthe . T 3. people.-