Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

067) And let none be offended that I mention the Papihs in, dd.:c ling' Prelacy. For Ido it not toraife an Odium on them ; but I refer it to theconfiderationof fober men, r. Whether as Herbarifts give us the pidurc anddefcriptionofherbes, not in theiripring, but in their full grown flalk, blotibm and fruits, and as he that will know the natureand differenceoffruits, or animals, midi hay till they are cone to their full growth andaipencfs, and not take, them greenand young; fo he that will judge either of Schifuror ofChurch-tyran,ymuft do. 2; And whe- ther the gzakers, , Ranters, Familifts and Munger millers be not Schifma ticks ripe and at full growth, and therefore ayoung Schifinatick is not to tell us what Schifn is, but thould himfelf fee what he will bewhen . he is ripe. And fo whether Popery benot the Diocefane Prelacy full grown and ripe; and whether they thould not therefore fee what they would come to , if that which witholdeth in the feveral Kingdoms were taken out oftheway, as the Pope hath removed it in the Empire. tithe Diocefanr, Mctropelitanes, Patriarks, and Pope (as to his Pri- macy in the Empire) did not all hand on thefame humane foundation, then are they not the things that Iam (peaking of. Obj. But the late andprefint Scleifines in England(hen' that it is the ad. uerfaries of Prelacy that are the caufes. Anf. Very true, for Prelacy maketh it fell adverfaries, and fo maketh foreof the Schifmaticks. There are two fort of Schifmaticlti ; fore Prelatar(as the Papifls, the hlovatianr, the Donatifts, and mofi of the. old Schifmaticks were) ; and fore Anti-prelatifis. And thereare two fdrts ofAnti-preÍatifis : Some Catholick being for the Primitive Epifco pacy, and fore Schifmaticks. And thefe lati the Prelates make, and then complainofthem. It is their hate, and pracStice, hereafter def- cribed, that drivethmen to dihafl them, and fo precipitateth the inju dicious into the Contrary extreme. It is Prelacy that maketh almofi . all the Seéis that be in Englandat thisday : When they fee how.the Spi- ritual Keys are tecularly ufed by Laymen intheir Courts, when they fee what Minillcrs and how many hundred of them are filenced, and what Fellows in manyplaces are let up in their head, they think they , can never fly far enough from fuch Prelates To tell the world, It Sehifmaticks that we filence, and they are obedient andOrthodox per. fons that we let up, may lignifie fomething in another land or age, but it Both but increafe thedifaffElion ofthofe that are upon theplace,; and know what kind of men the Prelates commend, and who they difcommend and filence. Avery Child when he is eating his . pple, will not cati it away, becaufe a Prelatefait h it is a Crab, nor when, he tali - eth a Crab, will he eate it, ifa Prelate Swear it is a fweat apple.. Though het hat Both but look on them may potlibly believehim.. Ibelieve they that thought that Prelacy was the only ,cure of our Sehiftnes,_do this time by experience, that by that time the.. P,rclates.had again ruled.. but Leven years, there were fevett.and feven, againit