Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(4) i i. And how unlikely foever it be, it is not impoflible, that our Su- periours, that at once depofed and filenced about i800 Minifters of Chrift, when they fee what Reafons we have for our Non - conformity, may be moved to rettore thofe that yet furvive : And then how many thoufand fouls would have the joy and benefit? ra. Laftly, Truth and the juft information of Pofterity, is a thing exceedingly defirable to ingenuous minds: It is a great trouble to think that the Ages to come, Ihould be injured by falfe Hiftory. Therefore we mutt do our belt, that they may but truly know our ° Cafe; and then let them judge of the Perfons and Aftions of this our Age, as they Ihall find Caufe, when Truth is opened to them. Upon all thefe Reafons, though to my own great labour, and to the greater contradiftion of my natural love of filent quietnefs , and to the probable incurring of mens difpleafure, I take it to be my duty to give my Superiours, Neighbours and Poferity, a true Account of the Reafons which have moved my felf and others of my mind, to re- fee to Subfcribe and Swear to the prefent Englifh Diocefan Prelacy: Committing my Life and Liberty to the pleafureof God, in obedience to whom I have both refufed to Conform, and written there Reafons of my Non-conformity. CHA>