Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(36) 4;. To makeanew fort ofChurch-Heads or Rulers, as their. Conftitu- tiveparts, is to make a new fort of Churches. 44.. The three forfaid Effential parts of the Paftoral Office are not to be exercifed by any Lay-man,, nor by any man that hath not. that Office : Nor may the Paftors do that work peralias, or delegate Lay-men, or. men of.another Office to do it as in their head. For the Office is nothing. but júft Authority andObligatiott todo that work : And if they convey fuchAa- tbority and Obligation to another, they convey the Office to another; And foheisno longer aLay-man, or of another Office only. 45. Therefore though many Paftors of the fame Office may in a great Church diftribute the workamong them, yet noneof them mutt do itonl1_ as the delegate ofanother, not having himfelf from God theOffice which containeth the power ofdoing it. 46. But the Accidentals of the Paftoral Office may be committed to a Lay-man, or one that is no Paftor (As to fummon Affemblies, tokeep Regifters, or the ChurchBooks, Goods, Buildings, with many the like:) And fo forcethink that the Apoftles ìnftituting Deacons was but a coin- municating the Accidentalsof their Office to other men. Therefore if Chancellors did only thefe accidentaL works (or Lay Elder either) and . meddled not with the facred power of the Keys, we fhould not be foguar- relfome, as to condemn their undertaking,. unle& it were for the a- bufe.. 47. We doubt not but in a Church that bath manyPaftors, thofe that. areyoung and weak fhould much fubmit to the elder and more able, and beas far railed by them, as thedifferenceof age, experience and abilities, without a difference of Office, doth require. 48. And we doubtnot, but whereTemples and Church -maintenanceare at the difpofe of. Patrons, People or Magiftrates, they m'ay give them to ibme one Paftor as the prefent poffeffor, fo that no- other fhall have part but by his conceffion. And this difference there is between the Parfon and. his Curates in ourParifhes, and an accidental.fuperiorityand inferiority. thereby, without a difference ofOffice. 49. IfMagiftrates, .orCouncils, or Cuftome, fhould in each particular Church that hathmany Parlors, give one a Governing,. thatis a negative. voice among the reft, in-the management of the affairs of that Church, fo that the reft fhould not go againft him or without him, as Archbi- íhops noware over Bithops, and Archpresbyterswere formerly overPref byters, and Archdeacons over Deacons, and Prefidents over Colleges,. and Courts of Juftice, without claiming a diftina Office ; though the fad experienceof Mens inclination toChurch-tyranny, make us doubtful whether we fhould with for fuchan inequality, yet 'Would we not unpeace -. ably difturb or quarrel with fuch an Order, . when it is fettled:. Our Parifh Orderaforefaid being indeed but fuch. 5o. WhetherGod himfelfhath appointed another fort ofBithops who may be better called Archbishops, as Succeffors of the Apoftfes in The Ruling