Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

Qc 4 Where we (hall find theproofthat the Apostlesor Evangeliítsfet the bounds of Dioce(fes ? And whether this defcription of his own do make Dioceffesbounded by circuit or fpace of Ground, or bythe Abilities of theBilhop to endeavourconverfion ? Q. g. When the Apoftles forbad any other to labour mens converfion in theirCitiesor Countries where they or others had beenbeforethem ? Anddid not one plant andanother water, (and ufually more than oneat Q 6. Whether (Mat. z8. rg;zo) Difcipling or Preaching to con- vert"men,and thenbaptizing them, be not the wayofgatheringChurches, and therefore proveth that before converfion they are no Churches? and arenot Chriítians onlymembers ofthe Church? And are thofe Diocefan Churches thatare no Churches ?r¡ Q. 7. Ifonebefetled in a Jingle Congregation inthe City, with apur- pofe to endeavour the converfionoftheCountry; is not aDiocefanChurch there the fame as a Jingle Congregation, though theDiocefs belarger ?' Q8. If when Congregations multiplyed, Bifhopswere not multiplyed, but one would keep many Churches under himfelf alone, doth it prove that this was well done becaufe it was done, ?. andthat Godconfented to this change? His next Reafon is, becaufe Churches were not then divided into Parifhes. Which in due place I than prove to be a fufficient Reafon.againft him. Churches were Societies conftitutedof Paftors and their Chriftian Con- gregations, as afore defined : And his inference is vain, that [Presbyteries werenot fettled in Parifhes, becaufe the Churches were notyet dividedinto Pares. For theywere Parifhes, that is, Tingle Churches, without dividing. The fpace of Ground called Parifhes was not then marked out ; Nor was a Dio- cefan Church (like ours) that hath no fubordinateBifhops divided into Parifhes ; for there were no fuch Diocefan Churchesto be fodivided. But theUniverfal Church and theApoftolical Provinces were made up (or con ítituted) ofParishes, I mean of particular Churches, as greaternumbersare ofunites, and as Villages are of Houfes. But to fay that Churches were not divided into Parifhes, in the fence in queftion, is all one as to fay, Churches were not divided intoChurches. Our Controverfie is like this, Whether all the Families in theTown thould havebut OnecommonMalter? And he thataffirmeth it, fhould ar- gue thus; Matters were not at firft appointed toFamilies but to Villages; For Villages were not at firstdivided intoFamilies, (when there were none but JingleHoufes erected.) True ; but Families were Families before there were Villagesto be divided. As Villages were not made before Houles, and thendivided into Houfes, nor Cities before Streets, and afterwards divided into Streets ; nor Kingdoms before - .Cities and Corporations, and thendivided into Corporations, (or inferiour Societies) Nor Academies before Colleges, and thendivided into Colleges ; fo neither were Provin, cial, or DiocefanChurches made before tingle Churches, and after divi into ded